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Please take the time to read through our extensive list of testimonials and view the wonderful photos of each of these great dogs!  We are so very fortunate and thankful to our extended Theishof family that all of our puppies have such excellent homes. We cannot ever thank these families enough for providing them such great lives, happiness, adventures, and LOVE! 


If you have one or some of our "grand-dogs", we'd love to add you here, please send us your favorite photo of your dog(s) and what you'd like to say!  If you are already here with a testimonial and we need a photo, please send us one!  :-)


-Heidi, Jeff, and Brandon






Where do I start... Dunder is the most amazing dog in the world! He is the best friend that anyone could ask for. He is so gentle with little dogs, kids,  and people. There is never a day where he doesn't make me smile. He is everything I was looking for in a dog and much more than I expected. His energy level perfectly matches mine. We do everything together. And last of all, his personality and cuteness made him the most famous German Shepherd on YouTube!!! 

You have been extremely helpful from the day I brought him home even until now, almost 2 years later. It's amazing that I can still contact you with questions and have them answered so quickly. It is amazing how you were able to match us. He makes me happier than I could ever express in a testimonial. 

Here is a link to his time lapse video:

Love,  Byron & "P-Dunder vom Theishof" (aka Dunder) of California

We got our first Theishof German Shepherd, Canyon in the fall of 2008. Canyon has been such a wonderful dog that this summer (2016) we brought home our second Theishof German Shepherd, Karbon.

I met Heidi and Jeff shortly after they moved to Idaho. At that time, I had my second German Shepherd. I got my first German Shepherd when I was in High School and my second German Shepherd just after College, so I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on my first two dogs. Heidi and Jeff were socializing one of their puppies when I first met them and I remember running out of my place of work at that time to meet them. They gave me one of their business cards and I keep that card in my desk for a few years.

I lost my second German Shepherd at the end of May 2008. A few days later I emailed Heidi inquiring about Theishof German Shepherds. I had a response within an hour and within a few days I was on a tour of her kennel. All the dogs were in a clean environment and I was amazed how beautiful they all were. After that first visit I knew I wanted one of Heidi’s puppies.

Since we have a very active lifestyle; Heidi took that into consideration when picking out our puppy. Canyon has been on more adventures and has logged more river miles than most people. She will be turning 8 this month and still enjoys her daily hikes.

This winter I sent Heidi and email that we were interested in another puppy. I was so excited this spring when she emailed me that she thought she had a puppy that would be a good fit for us and Canyon. Heidi took many hours out of her schedule this summer for me to visit Karbon those first eight weeks and send me photos and updates.  Karbon is 5 ½ months old right now and I still have questions for Heidi.  She is always right there to answer them for us. Karbon has been an amazing puppy and is eager to learn. Almost every day were are stopped and told what beautiful dogs we have.

We feel very honored to have two Theishof German Shepherds. Right away, I felt a good connection with Heidi and was able to tell she was passionate about what she does and goes above and beyond to protect her bloodlines and produce the best quality and healthiest dogs she can.

Denise & Corey Chase and “Havasu Canyon vom Theishof” (aka Canyon) and “Karbon vom Theishof” (aka Karbon) of Boise, ID

Early in 2015 I was informed of some work changes, one being a headquarters relocation to Central Oregon.  I opted to make the move as it allowed for me to fulfill a childhood dream of owning a German Shepherd.  I did a ton of online research on breeders, watched a bunch of videos and scoured internet forums specific to GSD's.  I wanted to look at all my options and try to make the best informed decision I could.  I narrowed my choices down to a few breeders, but after having read forum suggestions, hearing positive feedback from people as well as reading the testimonials, it was a no brainer for me to go with aTheishof German Shepherd.I reached out to Heidi in February 2015, inquiring about upcoming litters.  Right away I was super impressed with her responsiveness, knowledge and patience with my seemingly never ending questions :)  I decided to go with the Uric/Korrah J litter and on December 4, 2015 my girlfriend and I made the trip out to ID to pick up J-Misha Vom Theishof.  Heidi spent so much time with us going over everything, which I appreciated so much.  There was never a feeling of being rushed.  I could tell she cares deeply about what she does.Fast forward and getting close to a year, Misha has been such a blessing.  I'm so glad Heidi picked her out for us.  So smart, loyal, loving and she is also an amazing hiking buddy.  We've been making great strides with our obedience training.  It's so nice to see her develop and be not only food motivated but also toy driven.  When we're out in public we constantly get compliments from people not just about her looks but also her obedience skills.Without question, if you're looking for a German Shepherd dog, I would whole heartedly recommend Heidi.  A professional who cares about her work, and is able to make amazing matches based on client needs.  So thank you Heidi, thanks for selecting Misha for us and thanks for all your help after.  If my girlfriend has her way, we may be contacting you early next year! ;)

Best Regards,Ben & J-Misha Vom Theishof of Bend, OR

We got our very first German Shepherd a year and a half ago. A friend of mine referred us to Heidi, she had bought 2 dogs from her and I have never met a breeder like Heidi and the Theishof's clan. She has a deep passion for German Shepherd's and it shines through her dogs. We were nervous about getting a German Shepherd (my daughter had begged for years to get one) and Heidi spent lots of time with me deciding if it was the right breed for our family. She was always kind, patient, cares about her puppies and wants to make sure they are going to a suitable home. She answered all the 100 questions i had before and after we got our Zoe, and I've never had a breeder who cared that much. She loves her puppies and it makes all the difference when buying a German Shepherd to bring into your family.

When we picked up Zoe, her place was beautiful. Perfect for proper breeding and her dogs are well mannered and great to greet you. Our Zoe has changed our family. She has brought so much love into our lives. Everywhere I take her everyone compliments on how beautiful she is (she stands out among the rest) and how well behaved she is. At the Vets office, she's a favorite. We will stop in just to say high to all the ladies. She's never had any health issues, Heidi takes so much time into breeding it shows in her dogs!! My trainer (she helped us during the puppy stage) who specializes in German Shepherd's has said all Heidi's dogs are her favorite. She knows German Shepherd's and she is amazed by the Theishof dogs she's worked with. Coming from her, that meant a lot. I knew I made the right choice and I was very happy we went with Heidi and the Theishof dogs. It was the best decision we've ever made. I HIGHLY recommend Heidi and her sweet Theishof bunch, you won't regret it. We love our Zoe!!


Tara Grimes & "F-Zoe vom Theishof " of Eden UT

I want to start by saying that I approached finding a GSD with both anticipation but also some anxiety. There is so much care that needs to be taken to find a dog that is likely to stay healthy over the course of its lifetime. So much information on all the things that can go wrong with your much loved GSD. I wanted to find a dog that  could be a major part of my daily life for the next decade and hopefully much longer.  I set out to find a breeder and right away Heidi set herself apart from others I was communicating with. She got back to me quickly and provided both information and education on her upcoming litters. Heidi was friendly and easy to talk to. She is incredibly knowledgeable on the breed. She is also sharply perceptive to what people are looking for in their next companion.  My dream list: a strong and healthy dog with an engaging and happy, well-balanced temperament. A dog who was quick and agile. Heidi told me about a  special breeding she was having with one of her amazing females, Voodoo. I thought Voodoo was both beautiful and full of personality. I then saw a video of Ace, the father and I was blown away.  I was so impressed watching him work, his lively confidence, I knew I had to have a puppy from this litter!  The next 6 months went by so slow waiting for that puppy but Heidi was available to answer  every question that popped up. What could have been just a " transaction" was instead a great experience full of excitement and  anticipation. Finally the day came to pick up my puppy and meet the lovely woman who I already felt like I knew. We were greeted warmly and welcomed to her home and kennels. The kennels were super clean and three wiggly bottom shepherds were eager to meet us!!  We took our time, never feeling rushed, meeting our new family member. We also got to meet the mom, beautiful Voodoo vom Theishof as well as Grandma Jill. They both had shiny gorgeous coats, even though Voodoo had 6 robust puppies that had just been recently weaned.  Today I am the proud owner of Huntris Vom Theishof. She is absolutely everything I wished for. Tris is a playful, energetic puppy who has extraordinary focus on working. She is responding fantastic to her training and is both food and toy driven. This is the  perfect combination  for training in agility. Her structure is beautiful  and people notice it right off the bat and comment that she is a "true" GSD. If you are looking for the real deal in  GSD breeder, Heidi is your person. I developed complete trust for her which is so important when you do not live in the same State as the breeder. She has great knowledge of the breed's temperament  and purpose. She is a protector of the breed standard and is committed to  preserving the healthy continuity of this amazing breed. Thank you Heidi , you are the best. Tris is everything I could ever want in a  German Shepard and loyal companion!!


- CARYL DOTSON and Huntris vom Theishof (aka "Tris") of Bend, OR

My U-Dallas vom Theishof GSD

Forever Loyal

Always Faithful

Loves unconditionally

Friend till the end

Obedient without question

Watches over us at night

Shepherds our children

So happy to see me everyday

Always ready to work or play

I had always wanted a German shepherd dog. We searched and researched for a few years to make the best decision possible. We found Heidi Theis and went to see her dogs and facility. We were not disappointed. We found a very loving, caring family that treated all their dogs like family and not just a business. The facility was top notch, clean and well organized. We where treated with respect and were actually interviewed to see if we would make a good home for one of her dogs. Heidi provided excellent guidance in understanding the German Shepherd breed, the high standards she adheres to and the selection process. I guess we were approved. We were fortunate to see the father and mother first hand, review their accomplishments and see their temperament. Then we waited patiently. When the puppies where born we worked with Heidi throughout the selection process. Again we were not disappointed. It was a great match. When Dallas was I believe 14 weeks we hired Heidi to help us with owner obedience training which it was money well spent. Dallas is not yet 2 years old now and she has her BH obedience and AD endurance titles and might just go for an IPO1 and show title. This was not the original plan (I just wanted a buddy) but my wife assured me that it would make for a better home situation I the long run. It has more than paid off.  Dallas makes me laugh, brightens my day, and knows when I need her. She accepts me without judgment, forgives my faults and loves me unconditionally. Dallas is gift from God that I am forever so grateful for. Words can not possibly express how I feel about Heidi Theis and her family for making this blessing possible for me and my family.  Update: Well the Theishof Shepherd’s have invaded our home....  We now have Three Theishof GSD’s!!  This is Sandi with Dezzie (Beast Mode) Vom Theishof 2yrs old. Dezzie is Sandi's soul mate and guardian. She is forever at Sandi's side and is a love bug. Dezzie's temperament is everything we hoped for. She is intelligent, hardworking and loving. Dezzie has her BH/AD Titles and will attain her IPO1 this fall. Dezzie & Dallas are great together and love to play hard. Yes Sandi and Heidi, I said it and so it is!!! Lol And our newest Huracann (Lil Beast) Vom Theishof.18 month. Huracaan is supposed to be my dog but she is stealing everyone's heart. She is full of energy, smart, fearless and hardworking yet she can cuddle up with the best of them. After she attains all the titles she will be by my side.  Our family has been forever blessed to have our Shepherd’s and the Theishof Family.

Thank you ever so much Heidi!!!!! 

-  PAUL MEIKLE and U-Dallas vom Theishof (aka Dallas of Boise, ID) + add Dezzie Beast Mode vom Theishof and Huracaan vom Theishof!! 

Update on Miss Kammiflage vom Theishof

Heidi, first off I have to again thank you and Jeff for the gift of ownership of Kammiflage vom Theishof! I know how special she was and still is to the Theis Family. It has been 2-1/2 years and the recent celebration of her 5th Birthday since you graciously yet protectively passed the reigns of Miss Kammiflage to me, which I cherish, everyday! (Thank you mom and dad for such a gracious gift). When asked, “Where did I find such a beautiful German Shepherd,” I proudly reply “Heidi Theis of Theishof German Shepherds in Middleton, Idaho.” I also tell them not to waste time looking elsewhere because she is by far the best, most knowledgeable, and caring breeder. She not only truly cares about each and every one of her dogs but goes above and beyond to keep the GSD breed strong. She always finds time to reply to any question or concern I have. Heidi is truly amazing in the way she pairs her dogs to their owners. I know she will contact me when she feels there is a puppy or adult dog that will be a perfect fit and I will accept that special doggie!! I still have all the emails of us going back and forth regarding Kammi and if I would be a good match. When she stated that there would never be a day that would go by that Kammiflage would not make me laugh or smile, she had me hooked!! I’ve gone through a lot and I know laughter is good medicine.  Kammiflage vom Theishof has been just that, good medicine!  I am keeping my update of Miss Kammiflage vom Theishof short, which is very tough. But I am openly offering to answer any questions or concerns in length to anyone thinking about purchasing a Theishof German Shepherd. I know that a Heidi dog is the best dog you will ever be proud to own. Heidi is a 24/7 breeder, which makes a huge difference not only in every GSD she owns or sells but also to the German Shepherd breed.  Hugs to you Heidi Theis for all you do for your dogs as well as for following your heart by allowing me to be the owner of Kammiflage vom Theishof. You know that special girl is very loved and well taken care of.  Keep doing what you do best, which is love and care for your dogs because you HAVE made such an impact on this special breed. Just ask any one of us who are and have been privileged to own one or more of your amazing dogs.  Thank you for not only being a terrific breeder but a terrific friend!  Anne's lovely first testimonial on Kammiflage vom Theishof...  The day I knew I wanted a German Shepherd and not any German Shepherd but a Theishof GS was the day the man who came to fix my gate at my building showed up with a beautiful GS named Rajko. Bob’s son Aaron owns “F-Rajko vom Theishof” and lets his father Bob take him along with him during the day. When Bob and Rajko came back from Home Depot my new gardeners where on my property working away and Rajko immediately wanted to protect me. Bob was amazed how fast Rajko bonded to me and felt the need to take care of me. Due to some medical issues it is sometimes hard to get around and I do a lot of traveling plus have a building in an industrial area so it is not uncommon for me to be working into the wee hours and alone. I asked Bob more about Rajko, so he called Aaron and gave me Heidi’s website. Aaron could not say enough about how pleased he was with the attention and time Heidi spent answering all his questions as well as how incredible and smart Rajko was. Bob gave me the name of a breeder in town that breeds and trains GS but did not give to care to them as Heidi did. I told him not to bother giving me the number as I was already on and reading about Heidi and her German Shepherds and sending her an email before he finished working on my gate. I emailed Heidi and received a response very quickly. I told her about meeting Rajko and immediately knew I wanted a dog raised by Heidi! We exchanged quite a few emails as I did tell her of some medical conditions I had as we were deciding on upcoming litters. One of the things Bob told me was special about Heidi was she tries to match the prospective puppy with the new owner. Not many breeders care enough to actually want to know about you so they pair you with the right dog but Heidi does go above and beyond. She not only wants to make sure her dogs have good homes but the new owners love their new dog as much as she does. Heidi came back with something she usually does not do but offered me one of her adult females Kammiflage vom Theishof. I went to the website to view Kammi as she is known and immediately fell in love with her. The reason she went with Kammi was because of my special needs and she told me “not a day will go by that she will not make you laugh” to me that is important as I know laughter is actually proven to be good medicine. Kammi was already on her way in training, which was a plus for me since I don’t feel good everyday so having the opportunity to have an adult dog already trained was perfect. Heidi did inquire about where Kammi would be living, as Kammi was very special to Heidi. I sent many pictures so she new Kammi would have 2 acres to call her own save the area the Maine Coon cat Ali ruled. Heidi loved Kammi’s new abode so decided that I would be a great match for her Kammi! The next thing was determining how to get Kammi. I was looking at going up to Idaho to meet her and learn from Heidi what Kammi knew but Heidi was coming down to California to do some training and offered to bring Kammi along in the Dog-Ho (aka Tahoe vehicle) she actually traveled 9 ½ hours with 4 GS’s and to make matters worse I was an hour late leaving the bay are to meet her in Marysville so she drove an extra hour south for us to meet in Sacramento. I know she was tired but excited at the same time. I was not only able to meet Heidi but meet Kammi’s mother Undriena vom Theishof. Kammi traveled by her mother until we meet. Meeting was such an emotional experience due to the connection Heidi has with Kammi and tears were flowing down both our faces as she loaded Kammi into my car. If that does not show you what kind of person Heidi is and how much she loves her dogs I don’t know what could! It was very hard driving off and leaving the pack behind but Kammi was such a trooper she laid quietly in her crate. She is so well travel trained it is amazing. I actually use Kammi as a Service Dog. She has her own tags and I take her frequently on Amtrak! The conductors now know her and absolutely love her! They all have to get off when we do and watch the cart come pick us up because they never believe Kammi will get in her crate. Kammi sits until it is loaded and I give her “hup” command, which she immediately follows and is in laying ready to go in her crate. It is almost comical each time because they are amazed on how well Kammi travels. I could not ask for a better companion than Kammi as I look down and she is sleeping on the floor next to me. She follows me everywhere and knows if I do not feel safe. On one train ride, it was late and I ride downstairs and was alone. Kammi did not like the vibe of a man that came up behind so immediately barked once then growled, which alerted me since I did not hear and the man left rather quickly. I do not like not traveling with my special angel Kammi! I don’t think more than a day goes by that I have a question or just even check in with Heidi and she always responds. Kammi is very special to her so I always send her Kammi updates as I call her my Kammidian because a day does not go by that I do not get my dose of laughter medicine from our Kammi….I still call her “our” because Heidi is always with Kammi and I in our hearts!Thank you so much Heidi for waiting for me and blessing me with such a special dog!

-  ANNE L. HAYES and Kammiflage vom Theishof (aka Kammi) of Fresno, CA.

The problem with writing a testimonial about Heidi Theis is that I could easily produce pages of praise for this woman and her work.  To Heidi, the breeding, raising, and training of German Shepherds is neither a business nor a hobby.  It is her life's passion, and she approaches it with total dedication and commitment.  All that I have learned about her and from her these past two and a half years cannot be boiled down to a few paragraphs.  But if I must choose one aspect of her work to comment on, it would be the one that should be paramount to any prospective client, and that is the intensity with which she devotes her time and energy to her pups during their first two months of life. The full potential of any dog, especially in respect to its future relationship with its human family, is dramatically affected by its exposure to the world during the first eight weeks of life.  This time can literally make or break a dog, and often does.  It is easy to find books and articles that will describe in detail the many things a breeder can and should do to positively affect and enhance this potential.  What is not so easy to find is the breeder that seriously follows through with all these things;  that treats each of those 56 days as an invaluable opportunity to mold and create the best of the best--the type of dog most people only dream of having.  But Heidi is one of those rare breeders, and those of us fortunate enough to share our lives with one of her dogs knows that we have something truly special.  It took nine months from the time we met Heidi and her dogs until the day we picked up our darling girl, Anieka.  During that time Heidi patiently endured our endless questions and communications.  Once that very special litter was born, we were literally in contact with her daily for the next nine weeks.  I am witness to the time, energy, and effort Heidi devotes to every one of her pups, treating each as a precious treasure and exposing each to the world in a way that will bring out the best in its health, temperament, intelligence, and personality.  Anieka is now over a year and a half old.  She is smart as a whip, has a heart of gold, more personality than I could ever describe, and is the light of our lives.  We could not have asked for more.


- Sincerely, CONNIE & ED GOMBERT & "Ranieka vom Theishof" and "Asdon vom Theishof" (aka Anieka and Asdon) or Acton, California.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to do research in finding a quality breeder before purchasing a GSD be it for show, sport, companion and/or all three. I spent months searching in my local area and could not find a breeder that I felt comfortable with.  Someone suggested I check out Heidi's dogs and even though she is located across the country from me I visited her website and started communicating with her. Between learning more about her and her dogs from the website then especially from talking with her about her dogs I had a very good gut feeling this could finally be the type of breeder and dog I was looking for. Not just another breeder of dumb, pretty show dogs but dogs with great drives, intelligence, and more importantly good, solid, even tempered heads on their shoulders…and to top it off, beautiful looking as well. I thought I would have to wait months, and I was willing too as you often have to be with a good breeder b/c they only have a few litters per year and are often reserved in advanced but I got lucky, and I mean really lucky…Heidi had one male available at the time which would turn out to be an even better fit  for me than I could have imagined. So I was so impressed with Heidi and seeing her dogs on the website and most importantly talking to her  that I decided to purchase the one male, Parker, she had available. I was pretty nervous as I had never purchased a puppy before, my previous dog was a rescue whom I adopted at 3 years old, so one of the things I was looking for was a breeder who would be there to answer questions and offer help along the way. Here is where, and I cannot put too much emphasis on this, Heidi really showed what a truly outstanding representative of German Shepherd breeders and dog breeders in general she is. Not only did she go out of her way to arrange the transportation of Parker to fit my needs but more importantly during the whole process of bringing a new pup into my home and raising him she was so patient, so helpful, so knowledgeable, always available, and again, went above and beyond…she even made videos with her dogs just to show me and help me in training and to this day she is always there whenever I have a question, and trust me I have plenty…and that is another thing, Heidi knows her German Shepherds! She is not just a breeder but is very active with them in sport and show which makes a ton of difference in the knowledge she has in breeding and raising them. Breeding is an art, a good breeder does not just put a male and female together to make pups, they evaluate each potential stud and bitch, their traits, form, intelligence, working ability, temp, the list goes on and then decides which would make the best litter…you do not want a breeder that simply throws two dogs together with a bunch of titles after their name and then sells 'champion bloodline' pups just for money rather than for the betterment of the breed. You want one that works with their dogs, shows them, is active in the German Shepherd community and has the knowledge to evaluate potential dogs for the best litter and Heidi does all of these things. Needless to say I cannot recommend Heidi highly enough. My dog, Parker, is such a treasure to me and is growing into an amazing companion beyond what I could have ever expected. He is incredibly smart, active, and just so even tempered with steady nerves which was really important to me (again, with Heidi you know the pups are extremely well socialized from the get go) - he is absolutely wonderful around other dogs and people - and literally gets compliments of 'he's so beautiful' everywhere we go….I took him to the pet store today and he got at least 3 of those! I know I have rambled on but Heidi has been so wonderful that I can't say enough and again, you can't overstate the value of an ethical, knowledgeable, caring breeder and Heidi has been all of these things and much more with Parker and I from day one. Knowing, that if I ever have a question she will be there for us, you cannot put a price on that.


Andrew Gresham and Parker vom Theishof (aka "Dunder's" brother!!)

Knoxville, TN

((We are very sorry, we have not received a photo of Parker))

After losing Griz, my beloved 12-year old German Shepherd, I began thoroughly researching reputations of quality breeders to find another dog. As luck would have it, I met Heidi in person through another breeder I was considering. Over a period of months, I got to know Heidi and it became quite clear that she was extraordinarily honest and adhered to the highest stands in her breeding, training, and handling of other owners dogs. Personal honesty and integrity are high on my list and Heidi easily met my standards for honest, fair dealings. And, her dogs are nothing short of spectacular!  Do yourself a favor and talk with Heidi before you make your decision ~ she is top notch in every aspect of her business!


- PHIL HOOVER & "Sarro vom Theishof"  and "Steffie vom Theishof" of Eagle, Idaho

We are so happy to be a part of the Theishof Shepherd Family.  Heidi doesn’t “sell dogs”, she is a Matchmaker.  She discovered our family personality and then matched us with the perfect puppy for us.

- BARRY & SUZANNE STARRATT "G-Bella vom Theishof" of Boise, Idaho

When the time was right to find the German Shepherd I had desired for many years,  I began my search.  I knew what I wanted, a beautiful red and black, masculine, noble looking German Shepherd Dog.  I didn't want the washed out, arched or sloped back dog I began to come across everywhere.   I searched everywhere, from the local newspaper, to "big name" breeders across the country.  With absolute certainty, no other person in all of my search showed the qualities that Heidi Theis did.  Rarely did I find anyone with dogs with such great working ability, as well as an adherence to the beautiful standard of what a GSD is--the "golden middle" as they say.  Heidi shows genuine love for the breed, and her dogs.  Due to living two states away, I was unable to meet Heidi, the puppies, or any Theishof dog, until the day I brought Rajko home.   I based everything off of Heidi's highly regarded reputation, her wonderful updates and descriptions about the puppies, and trust in her ability to get the right puppy to me.  With complete confidence, I would buy a puppy from Heidi again, sight unseen.  This is because she is highly ethical and trustworthy, and these are the principals I feel she bases her relationships with her clients on.  Its rare to find this anywhere today, but I truly feel Heidi puts the interest, happiness, and welfare of the clients and her dogs above the dollar.  She breeds for the standard, which if you don't already know, you can quickly find out that its pretty difficult to find anywhere nowadays.  Even though I was only interested in a "pet/companion" puppy, the working ability that her dogs have is truly remarkable and is a testament to the solid nerves, focus, drive, intelligence and nobility of all Theishof dogs.  These very qualities are already very apparent in Rajko even though he is just a puppy at the time of writing this.  I have never seen a puppy with such an endearing expression, and even in all his clumsy puppyhood, he is so honed in and focused on me all the time, making eye contact and watching, anticipating my next move.  It is unbelievable how well socialized he already was from day 1.  Everywhere we go, just about every stranger turns their head, and wants to come meet and admire Rajko.  His wonderful presence is everything that I had hoped for, and so much more.  It is easy to want to control exactly which puppy you pick, or let the "puppy pick you".  With Heidi and her puppies, don't do this.  She knows the puppies so well.  Tell her what you want, and sit back and relax.  You will get exactly what you hoped for.     She will put your mind at ease about any questions you could possibly have about the puppy--and believe me, I had a lot!  Heidi doesn't view her clients as just a business transaction--she sees them as new members of the Theishof family.  When I first contacted Heidi, I had no idea how privileged I would be to own a Theishof puppy, but now that I do, I know for sure there is no better place to go for the dog you have always dreamed of.


- Aaron Davis & "F-Rajko vom Theishof" (aka Rajko) of Fresno, CA 

If I had to choose one word to aptly describe Heidi Theis, trustworthy would be it.  Yes she is patient, knowledgeable about German Shepherds, dedicated to her dogs and always available to answer a myriad of questions, but trust is an important attribute in this business and Heidi has that, in spades. We were blessed with two great GSDs in the past twenty-one years, but when the last one died suddenly at the age of 8, we were devastated.  I was certain that we would never get another dog again. My son wasn't so sure.  So, I talked to breeders, visited some kennels and spent many hours searching GSD websites.  I don't know how I stumbled on Heidi's testimonial page, but I remember that it brought me to tears.  When I contacted her, she responded promptly and I felt an immediate bond with her. I needed a dog that had a good shot at becoming a Therapy Dog.  Intelligence, character, nerves, focus, friendliness, good with children, able to handle lots of touching, lights and noise and, yes, beautiful, were important attributes.  Heidi understood.  There are no guarantees, of course, and many factors come into play, but she assured me that she would choose the most promising litter, observe the puppies and pick the right one for my requirements. And the dog had to be shipped half way across the country!  Here comes that word again trust! Heidi is calm, patient, easy going and never fails to answer a question no matter how basic it is.  I have met many breeders in the past, but none have been as genuinely pleasant and honest as Heidi.  Still, allowing someone to choose a four legged family member and friend demands quite a level of confidence in that persons ability.  She was happy to connect me with a client who could not be more pleased with the perfect dog Heidi had chosen for him.  I wasn't surprised at his response.  My experience with Heidi and Theishof German Shepherds has been so gratifying that I asked Heidi if she would put me on her list of referrals.  I'm so glad she did.


- Alyce, Bob and Alex Escher & "O-Gunner vom Theishof" of Dorset, VT 

((We are very sorry, we have not received a photo of Gunnar))

We've known Heidi and her husband Jeff for about 20 years.  We were fortunate to live close to them when we were all in Southern California.  Wed visit Heidi often especially when a litter was born just to see the new pups.  Heidi puts so much time, love and care into her dogs; each one is just as special as the other.  We've had several Heidi dogs, most recently Eiger (Oitseiger vom Theishof) and Rainer (Qrainer vom Theishof).  Heidi also trained one of our other dogs (Jack) who unfortunately isnt with us any longer.  He made it to a ripe old age of almost 12.  We knew we were going to lose Jack so we got on the phone with Heidi and asked for two dogs from upcoming litters.  Knowing us so well, she was able to choose each pup carefully and match their personality and drive with us. Heidi stands by her dogs.  We stand by Heidi and recommend her highly for breeding and training.  Her commitment and integrity are unparalleled. 


- PHIL CARDAN, M.D. and ADRIENE CARDAN and "Qrainer vom Theishof" & "Oitseiger vom Theishof" (aka Rainer & Eiger) of Montana

My husband and I had been "thinking" for years that one day we would get a dog... for me it had to be a German Shepherd, he agreed.  We both had German Shepherds growing up and remembered how smart they were.  I had always found German Shepherds to be the most beautiful of all dogs as well.  I, by nature, am a researcher so more than 2 years ago I started researching and learning everything I could about the breed.  I wanted a dog with calm, steady nerves that I could feel comfortable having around grandkids and strangers alike.  I stumbled upon Heidi's website and as they say, the rest is history!  For over two years Heidi and her wonderful family have been most gracious in answering endless questions, inviting us out to socialize with previous litters!  Letting us come out to Saturday Schutzhund training where we met other people with Heidi puppies.  All the stories were the SAME...everybody raved at how the puppies Heidi chose were the perfect fit.  They were all supportive and helpful as well. What a great group all around.  Anyway...we finally took the plunge and went with an Undriena/Natz puppy from her "O" Litter.  Well it's been almost two weeks since we took our "Optimator vom Theishof"  better known as Zuma home to be spoiled and loved...Well true to form, this little pup has not disappointed...he learned to sit, without fail, his first full day home!  Unbelievable! He is learning more everyday...has had his first tracking session with Heidi at the helm and did great.  Crate training was a breeze after we up sized the first crate we had.  House training has been easy with very few accidents.  I cannot say enough good things about Heidi and how she works with prospective buyers.  Trent and I are extremely happy with the puppy she chose for us.   I will sing her praises to anybody interested.  We have been stopped on the street a few times already with interested people and have passed on Heidi's good name and reputation!  Keep up the great work Heidi...we all LOVE you! 


- MARIONE & TRENT MAUGHAN  and "Optimator vom Theishof" (aka Zuma) of Meridian, Idaho




Just over two years ago I happened upon your web site and gave you a call to see if you had any litters coming up.  It just so happened you had a litter born 2 days ago on Jan 31, 2010.  I had been searching for a German Shepherd female but had not found that puppy until I found you!  Never once did I feel rushed or pressured to buy a puppy from you.  I asked many questions and you gave me the answers and explained so much where my knowledge was lacking!  For me it was very important what kind of sire and dam you had bred and temperament played a big part!  You asked what I was looking for in a dog and then worked your magic and matched me up with O Misha Vom Theishof. Your honesty as a breeder and willingness to educate me was invaluable.  When a person buys a vom Theishof puppy you are always there to offer advice when needed.  Once Misha was old enough you advised me how to go about getting her hips and elbows Certified with Germany for her "a" stamp.  As for what kind of dog you will be getting when you purchase a vom Theishof puppy, the most loyal, a solid temperament and overall family protection dog you could ever hope for!   Misha is always by my side and a family member.  She travels well in the car and in public she gathers much attention due to her conformation, exceptional manners and good behavior!

Thank you Heidi for breeding such quality German Shepherds!


- DONNA & O Misha vom Theishof of California





My husband and I already had a female German Shepherd from another breeder, which unfortunately was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia at a very early age. We wanted another one, but this time we were looking for a healthy German Shepherd and we started to do research on-line. After many days of searching trough professional breeders, we came across Theishof German Shepherds. We talked to Heidi a couple of times and I was sold when I saw one of her puppies. I called her and after a long talk and many answered questions, we decided to get that puppy from her and we named him Zeus. The service that Heidi provided us was amazing.  She is very friendly, helpful, and answered all of our questions quickly. She handled all of the necessary preparation for the shipment of our puppy.  This was our first time buying from a professional breeder, and I will definitely recommend Theishof German Shepherds to everyone that is looking for a healthy puppy. Zeus' temperament is fantastic and he is smart and oh so easy to train. Our dogs get along very well.  Once in a while we go to Michigan and they love to jump in the lake for a swim and of course play with they tennis ball Zeus is growing very well. Like you said Heidi he is going to be a handsome puppy!  I would like to conclude by thanking Heidi for her hard efforts on getting Zeus to me, the summer heat was a huge challenge for us but Heidi didn't back down and we just waited a few more days. It was without a doubt worth it!! She is a hard worker and a very good communicator. We also thank you very much for the military support that you gave us. It means a lot to me and it was greatly appreciated! Keep up the wonderful job that you are doing!!


- Respectfully, MICOL & MATTHEW CLISSOLD & Dayne vom Theishof (aka Zeus) 






When we decided to get a puppy my husband, Richard, insisted on a German Shepherd and I must admit that I wasn't too crazy about the idea.  My first thought was "A big scary Shepherd, I don't know about that."  I reluctantly agreed, and we began searching the net and contacted a number of breeders. Heidi was the first breeder that we met, and after meeting with many others, we went back to Heidi because her dogs are raised in a wonderful loving home environment, are of the highest caliber, and truly full of affection and companionship from the beginning. That's when we met Tara and welcomed her into our home, at this point I became an immediate GSD convert. We enjoyed having Tara with us so much that, two years later, when we decided to bring another dog into our home there was no question who to call.  Heidi helped us pick Tasha and we couldn't be happier.  Our "Girls" are both beautiful, elegant and oh so smart.  Tara takes commands so well and Tasha can track with the best of them.  It's amazing to watch her on the trail of something.  Of course they both love to catch balls and swimming is one of their favorite sports (I didn't realize that Shepherds were water dogs!). We entertain regularly and Tara and Tasha fit right in.  They mingle with our guests, who always comment on how well behaved they are.

Heidi, thank you so much for our Girls.


- PATTI and RICHARD RITTENHOUSE & "JaTara vom Theishof" & "O'Tasha vom Theishof" of Sonora, CA



Hi Heidi-

Hope this finds you well.  I just wanted to take an opportunity to write a testimonial to the quality of you and my Sammie (vom Theishof).  Though I did not buy Sammie directly from you, you have always been keenly and genuinely interested in her progress and well being.  That means so much to a "dog companion".  As a breeder you are really one of the exceptions.  You DO look at the whole picture.  You breed for animals that can be the family companion, the police dog, the schutzhund competitor and structurally sound enough to compete with strength in the show ring.  I admire this!! The other shepherds I have I seek from those with congruent philosophy!!  Sammie is a tough, amazing little girl.  She has grit and she has attitude, I like this very much!  She is also a couch potato and as you can see from the picture, a bed hog.  She has my heart and she herself has the heart of a Lion.  I fully believe this little animal would jump a cliff for me, she always places herself between her family and danger!!Two months after we purchased her (at 1.5 years old!!) she with innate instinct backed a small herd of exotic bulls off my roommate and her puppy, she charged and held them until her "family" could safely move to a secure area (I have a picture, I will forward this!!).  Sammie is a comedian par none, she is a funny and fun little dog, but don't be fooled, in her bite work, she is deadly serious!!!!  She bites with the zest of any working line dog and this is very nice to see!!!  I cannot thank you enough for breeding my little brave hero, and I must say, she is a joy to befriend-your ongoing interest and emotional link to her is impressive indeed.  Keep up the good work Heidi!!


- Sincerely,  ROSE BARKE & "Sammie vom Theishof" (aka Sammie)



When we first started thinking of getting a German Shepherd I started with the internet and visited numerous websites.  I picked about a dozen breeders that gave me a good impression and e-mailed everyone stating that we were thinking about a German Shepherd and would like more information on the breed.  The responses I received were: send us a check and we can have a puppy sent to you immediately; fill out our questionnaire to see if you meet our standards; or I did not receive any response.  However, Heidi set herself apart from the rest by calling us on the phone and talking with us at length about the breed and her dogs, while answering all questions and recommending some literature on the breed.  We thought about it and decided to go with her and when we described our family and what we were looking for, she carefully matched us with a litter to choose a puppy that would match our family lifestyle.  Beowulf is a great dog.   He is everything we wanted and could not ask for more.  He is very intelligent, lovable, calm, alert to anything strange outside, such as the bears passing through our yard.  He is easy to train and tolerates our daughter Hannah who loves to work with him trying to reach him tricks.  We highly recommend Heidi.  She was knowledgeable and we always felt like she wanted to make sure that she matched her puppies with the right home.


- REICHENBACH FAMILY & "RBeowulf vom Theishof" (aka Beowulf) of Juneau, Alaska



Right when I began looking for breeders in the local area, it was easy to determine that Heidi's litters were top-notch, bar-none.  She was eager to help me out with any questions I had and helped me pick out a dog that would fit with me.  That first one was Sasha and if I had a nickel for every time I've had a compliment on what a fantastic and smart dog she is, I'd be rich! She was so great, that three years later, I went back to Heidi, even though she was now living in a different state.  It didn't matter to me because I knew that Heidi took her job as a breeder very seriously and I wouldn't be disappointed.  Now, almost a year later, I have two wonderful dogs in Sasha and Uno.  Both are personable, affectionate and man, do they have drive!  I will never go anywhere else for my GSD needs!


- STEVE HAJDUCKO & "Kasha vom Theishof" & "Uno vom Theishof" of Thousand Oaks, California.

((We are very sorry, we do not have a photo of Kasha and Uno))


as I am concerned you are the kind of person every breeder should strive to be. I really appreciate the fact that you are very interested keeping up with your puppies. I love being able to tell you how wonderful Camilla is. Sometimes I think some people think I am nuts because I talk about her so much. The picture of her in the clothes basket was her idea entirely. I was folding clothes and she just decided to get in. Then of course she figured she had done something clever and she was in and out and back in again. She is very creative. The dirt pile is one of her favorite places. She loves to run up and over and chase me off.

Getting Camilla from you has been a great experience for me. She is everything I wanted and then some.


- CHERYL KLEINJAN & "Camilla vom Theishof" of Oregon




While Heidi was training our daughters incorrigible boxer, I told her we would like to have the biggest German Shepherd male from her upcoming litter.  Two big males were born in this litter and I WANTED ONE!!!!  After getting to know the litter, Heidi said, Trust me.  I know your family and your grandchildren.  I have the dog for you and it is not one of the males.  She is the sweetest dog in the litter and will be great with little children.  When you pet her she snuggles.  We listened and will be forever grateful.  We got the most extraordinary dog. Simone has a personality unlike any dog we've known. She is spirited, endearing, sweet, and loyal. When we get home she greets us with a stuffed toy in her mouth and she prances down the hall before us, then back and forth. It is a joyful celebration of welcome. If you ever wondered if dogs really do have emotions, as I did, seeing her greeting once will convince you unequivocally. While prancing she bobs her head up and down, holding it down for several seconds, then throwing her head back and lifting her feet high in the air, all done with rhythm and grace, but primarily as an expression. She is delighted to see you. It is a sight to behold. If you stand next to her she will lean into your leg, and stay there as long as you will. And if you sit down to pet her she will roll back and put one front arm over yours, and lick your hand if you'll let her. She loves to go to the beach, where she can run and chase the birds. She will run for an hour without stopping, at an amazing speed, getting faster when she gets close and slowing down for the next one. Once at the beach in Santa Barbara she encountered a seal sitting on a rock about ten yards from the waters edge. She sat silently and looked at it for a long time, then the seal swam out and turned and Simone walked along on the sand in parallel. Every fifty yards or so the seal would come in and find a rock to sit on and Simone would be there, sitting on the sand and watching, not moving or barking. This went on for well over an hour as we walked along the side of the ocean. She loves our four children, eight grandchildren and anyone who is invited into the house, and at the same time, would give any intruder serious second thoughts.


- TOM and CATHERINE KRAUSE & "Fanta vom Theishof" (aka Simone) of Ojai, California.   





Hi Heidi, 

I finally had to come back to work Solo didn't like it either. I'm sending you a couple of photos of Solo. Ill have to send a couple of e-mails as we are limited in the size. There are seven photos total. We live in West Virginia and you send Solo to us by plane to the Pittsburgh airport. He was perfectly healthy and ready to get out of his cage when we received him. My wife Cookie held him on the two and one-half hour car ride home and he instantly bonded with us. He didn't complain at all, in fact he seemed to adopt us immediately. He is one year and eight months now. We are really proud of him he is such a good boy. I don't know how you train your puppies, but he wet in the house maybe three times and he has never messed in the house. We would take him out every one two hours as a puppy and he learned sooo quickly. We have had a couple of German Shepherds over the years and they would be proud of Solo. He loves the grandchildren (eight ranging from one year to eight years) and they love to play with him too. He will steal their crackers, but he never, never hurts them. Two of the grand kids love to get the box of crackers and take turns with Solo (one for me, one for you and one for Solo). We just finished Christmas and Solo is starting to figure the presents out this year (he was too young last year). He knew that he had presents under the tree, but we would tell him no and that was final until we took them out from under the tree. We would give him his presents and in a matter of seconds, Solo had a squeaky toy!  He is part of the family and is never left outside other than to do his business. He knows that we wipe his feet when he comes back in so he stops and holds up one foot at a time. GSDs like Solo are why German Shepherds have such a great reputation.  Thank you Heidi for providing us such a wonderful best friend.


- TOM LOBB and family & "Solo vom Theishof" of West Virginia










Look up the description of a German Shepherd and you will be reading about a Theishof German Shepherd.  A Theishof German Shepherd is quality in one word. You have to experience one of these shepherds to understand what I mean.  The quality of these shepherds is because of Heidi. Her knowledge, compassion, and love of the breed shows in each and everyone of her pups and dogs. They are intelligent, friendly, and protective. They are sound in mind and body and this is because Heidi is hands on with them from day one. No puppy left behind , so to speak.  I have dealt with breeders for years and Heidi by far is the best in her field. She cares more for the well-being of her dogs then the mighty dollar. How many breeders do you know will put the dollar second?  Kai is still very much a part of Heidi's life and always will be. I am in constant contact with her about her "grandson". She gets updates all the time. I feel very honored to be part of the Theishof family and to know Heidi and to have her as a friend.


- KATHY & ERIC ACS & "Qai vom Theishof (aka Kai) of New Jersey - PLATINUM OWNER!!!!  :-)
















Just wanted to let you know Yallie's doing fantastic and we are extremely fortunate to have such a lovely dog. She's very affectionate and loves being around the family. She loves to play, her "ball" drive is awesome.  She will play and go for it as long as we'll do it.  She's also very intelligent and easy to train. Yallie's growing up to be a beautiful female. She's just over 6 months old now and it's been a pleasure having her around. Thanks for such a wonderful puppy. And, thanks for kindly answering all our questions.

- MIKE PERDOMO & "Yallie vom Theishof" of Little Falls, New Jersey


















I am writing this letter to tell anyone who is looking for a REAL GERMAN SHEPHERD, from an honest, caring person who truly loves her dogs and worries more about a truly good home for them and not how much money she will make.  Look no further than Heidi!! I first met Heidi online after looking for 2 years for a German Shepherd Pup. I knew I did not want to buy a pup from a "backyard breeder".  But most all breeders with a good reputation and dogs that are of true quality were so expensive I was ready to give up!  Then I came across a picture of Heidi's BEAUTIFUL dog Ursus with a link to Heidi's site.  I cannot tell you enough about how wonderful Heidi was!  I told her about my family and that I was ready to give up on ever owning the dog of my dreams.  We talked back and forth for awhile and she suggested Ullie would be perfect for an addition to my family.  I cannot begin to tell you how right she was!  Ullie is not only beautiful, she is loving, protective, loyal, and so easy to train!!  Within one week she was potty trained, she walked on the leash PERFECTLY and took to my children as if she had known them since she was born!

Heidi, in my opinion, is one of the best people I have ever met! She made all shipping arrangements and answers any and all questions.... there is just no way I will ever be able to thank Heidi and her family enough for the GIFT OF Ullie Vom Theishof!!!

Thank you SO much Heidi!  I look forward to a long friendship with you and thank you again for allowing us to be a part of the Theishof Family!!


- SHERRY, APRIL, ADAM, & TOMMY MASSINGILL & "Ullie vom Theishof" of Florida

















Dear Heidi:

As the year winds downs and I see the calm attitude of both Dixie and Dusty with all the Christmas and New Year activities, I am reminded what a blessing you and your operation are.  Each time we open the door to invited or drop in guests, I hear the same thing; I have never seen such calm and friendly German Shepherds.  We inform them that the breeding and training combine to make a wonderful pet.  Although we have chosen to have our German Shepherds as ranch pets rather than show dogs, they are very impressive to all that come for a visit.  Both Ken and I would like to thank you for the time and energy that is required to have such wonderful litters.  We are truly grateful for your breeding program and that you took the time to personally pick out Dixie and Dusty for our ranch.  Be assured that when the time comes to replace Dixie or Dusty, we will look to you for a new family member.


- Blessings, KEN and REBECCA MCCROCKLIN & "Dustin vom Theishof & "Dixie vom Theishof" of 2M Ranch, Driftwood, TX 

((We are very sorry but we do not have photos of Dusty & Dixie))


I met Heidi Theis a little over 10 years ago. My family and I were anxious to purchase a purebred German Shepherd, namely because we have always rescued pound puppies and I had always wanted a purebred dog. Being German, Swiss, Italian, it seemed like a perfect fit to acquire a German Shepherd. Having owned a Golden Retriever, a Timber Wolf/Alaskan Malamute and an Australian Shepherd from puppyhood to their deaths, ranging from 12 to 14 years, I have had a fairly great track record with owning nice pets, but again, I had no idea just how different owning a German Shepherd from such good bloodlines would be.  Having just recovered from a near-fatal car accident leaving me with 18 broken bones and wheelchair bound for the lions share of 6 months, graduating from the chair to a walker and then to crutches for 16 more months, I wanted to gift myself a loyal new friend and companion, little did I know the journey I was about to embark upon with a Theishof puppy.  From the get-go, it was plain to see that breeding champion German Shepherds is not work to her, it is her greatest passion, it is her Life. Her dogs become family members in every sense of the word, and long after they leave her property, she remains in touch with her pups through her kindness, her own loyalty and her professionalism super cedes her successes in show dogs with the top quality pets that her pups all become.  My Wolfie was no exception. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, aka "Wolfie" chose me. Of the males and females in his litter, he was the smallest from birth, but had the largest heart of the pack. He turned out to become one of the most beautiful. We bonded from the moment we set eyes upon each other and as luck would have it, he proved to be my pre-Valentines gift to myself, to date remaining the most precious gift that I have ever received! He snuggled up next to me as I examined the entire litter and wanting a male, it was not difficult to walk away with Wolfie - check out the ears on the photos - he was perfect in every way, shape and form and had the most expressive eyes - people throughout his entire Life would comment on his eyes most of all. They spoke volumes!  Another testimonial of Theishof breeding stated it best and I wish to repeat it in this testimonial. What is not so easy to find is the breeder that seriously follows through with all these things; that treats each of those 56 days as an invaluable opportunity to mold and create the best of the best--the type of dog most people only dream of having. But Heidi is one of those rare breeders, and those of us fortunate enough to share our lives with one of her dogs knows that we have something truly special.  Like the owners of Anieka, we knew we had something special from the day we brought Wolfie home with us!  Over the course of his Life, Wolfie taught an already loving family, what true love, commitment and loyalty truly was. He was MY dog, but he loved our entire family and although people would comment how in love with me Wolfie was, his eyes following me every step I took, they could not fail to see how easy it was to reciprocate that devotion, that love and that joy right back to its source our precious Wolfie.  Wolfie was so smart, almost human-like in his mannerisms, he was neutered at an early age, so there was never any intention on showing him or raising a champion, he was to be our pet, our joy and he fulfilled every expectation we had of him and so very much more.  He was funny, always full of mischief, yet well-behaved to a fault and easily trained from the onset, being raised an indoor dog for the first 5 years of his Life and then moving to a beautiful new home where he was introduced to his brother a Yellow Lab named Diesel. The two became inseparable and the best of friends, but they were as different as night and day. Both loving, but poor Diesel just did not have the intelligence nor breeding of Wolfie and often Wolfie had to show Diesel the ropes of what it meant to be a well-trained dog.  Wolfie became an avid backpacker, a wonderful traveler and throughout his Life he logged many miles with us all, through 10 States, numerous National Parks, many hundreds of miles of hiking trails and some of the prettiest beaches and lakes in the Western United States. He loved car travel and again, being almost human, he would sit up proudly in the front passenger seat, with seatbelt on, ready, willing and able to go anywhere we were planning to take him.  All we had to say was "road trip" and Wolfie would be anxiously awaiting our journey! Wolfie Loved Baths, Lakes, Oceans and Water.  His Favorite Pass-time Became Drinking Water. From Garden Hoses and Pool Faucets and Seeing. If He Could Empty Them - NOT! Shepherds. Are not supposed to love water, but Wolfie was  Definitely not your average German Shepherd! In his last year of Life, we partook in a 5-State move, from his home in Southern CA., to NW Montana, to a beautiful town of Kalispell. It was HIS type of place and the home we moved into was HIS type of place, a 4,000 sq. ft. log home nestled on 7.45 acres of wonderful land - which he was blessed to explore for the short amount of time he still had with ustwo months in all. The 10 years of Wolfies life was full of joy, happiness and laughter. We have many treasured memories with photos and moments that are forever etched in our hearts and minds. Having just lost my mother last year near Valentines Day, it was equally difficult to lose my 2nd best friend on Christmas Eve in such a similar manner. The difference was that my Mother left us in a tragic, long-suffering, manner, where we had to witness her slow and painful demise without being able to help comfort her or prevent a lot of her pain. But with Wolfie, we knew that after he suffered a mild stroke after Thanksgiving that if he looked as if he was suffering at all, we made the decision to have him euthanized and had our vet on call from that point forward. When Wolfie joined us for our family reunion in the Sierras, we figured it would be his last long road trip, but we truly never imagined he would leave us in the manner he did, timing-wise. He had bounced back completely from his initial stroke and now looking back I truly believe he knew I was not ready to let him go 'quite yet' and needed him to be with us for a bit longer. The day prior to his passing, he enjoyed one last hike with me and his brother Diesel and ate well and drank well also his usual perky and enthusiastic self, almost pup-like. But when we drove to the Sierras and I let him out of the car, I could see he seemed off and his eyes resembled my mothers eyes in her last hours of Life - I would remember that look forever and knew when it appeared in Wolfies eyes. He was asking for permission to leave and difficult as it was to say goodbye, I leaned over his weak body and whispered softly in his ear, Wolfie, my love, you can go be with Oma now. You have been the best dog I have ever had and I thank you for being such a loyal companion. I cannot explain the next few moments without my eyes welling up with tears. Wolfie obeyed his master (me) one last time, because without further adieu, his heart stopped, he curled up into a peaceful slumber and he gasped only a few more times for breath, before Life literally faded from him. I do not think I could ever have witnessed a more peaceful passing and from what others have told me, he wanted to ensure that none of us suffered in the manner we did in witnessing my Moms slow death. He was going to say goodbye peacefully and quickly and not leave it up to us to have to euthanize him following our return home from our Christmas trip. To say Heidi Theis pup, our Wolfie was amazing, is a gross understatement and anyone that knew him or had the pleasure of being in his presence shared our pride of this magnificent creature. His body was laid to rest on our new Montana property on New Years Eve morning and although we are still mourning his physical absence from our lives daily, the memories he left us with will carry us through our lifetimes. We have contacted Heidi and have decided to honor Wolfie with acquiring a pup from one of his sisters litters upcoming. I am sure we will be blessed with another amazing animal. There is definitely not a replacement for Wolfie, but I can just imagine another pup with equally wonderful breeding, being outstanding in other ways. We will always remember our precious Wolfie but we also look forward to being blessed with another Theishof puppy and look forward to creating new memories and being forever grateful to Heidi Theis for the dogs she has blessed our lives with. If you are truly in the market for a wonderful companion, a champion-bred German Shepherd, or simply a loving, healthy pet, please consider contacting Heidi Theis of Theishof Kennels. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Please visit for the adventure of your lifetime.  I know we did and have been blessed ever since.

- Heidi Christina Hausmann & "Fury vom Theishof", AKA "Wolfie"  California













We got a wonderful dog from Heidi in April.  The whole process from beginning to end was easy, fun, and exactly the way it should be when you are getting a puppy.  We contacted Heidi through her website, and she was friendly and helpful from the very beginning.  We went to meet  her, and she took the time to get to know us and our two small girls.   She emailed us in the middle of the night when the puppies were on the way, and it was like waiting for a child, we were so excited!!  We loved being able to check her website for updates.  She let us come out and visit the puppies regularly and answered our many questions with kindness and patience.  The best part of buying a puppy from Heidi, was when it came time to take the puppy home.  She picked the  one for us that she thought would fit the best with our situation.   This made so much more sense than for us to blindly pick, and maybe end up with one that was not the right temperament.  We highly encourage taking her advice and getting the puppy she recommends.  We ended up with Eddy.  Eddy has been the best puppy we have ever been around.  He is calm and friendly.  Everyone that meets him comments on what a beautiful and nice dog he is.  He is smart and loves our two little girls.  We couldn't be happier with our experience with Theishof German Shepherds!!! 

- Jeff, Kate, Grace, Reese and "Eddy vom Theishof" of Meridian, Idaho











Max and Wookie are the most beautiful dogs we have ever seen and we hope to be sending you pictures soon.  Both my husband and I just look at them and cannot help but comment on how beautiful they are.  In fact, anyone who sees them comments on their beauty.  Their structure is also very beautiful. They are large, healthy and perfectly proportioned.  Their heads are large and beautiful and their coats are soft and shiny. I was reading a book on German Shepherds and what they are supposed to look like in competition and it appears that they have the perfect dimensions!  You should be very proud of your contribution to the breed and I'm so thankful that I was referred to you.  The fact is....these two beautiful dogs have far exceeded our expectations!!!

- CATHY and STEVE MOORE with Max & Wookie of Truckee, California

"WMax vom Theishof" and "Wookie vom Theishof" are brothers, sons from Dreisa and Varon z Daskonu 

((We are very sorry but we do not have photos of Max & Wookie))

I am writing this 2nd testimonial on the 4th anniversary of our beloved's Wolfie's passing and am entering my 15th year of knowing Heidi Theis and owning her awesome German Shepherds. It took three years after losing Wolfie for me to decide to get another puppy from Theishof, only because his loss touched everyone so deeply and an ample time of mourning seemed appropriate for the tremendous void Wolfie left us with.  I contacted Heidi with the intention of putting myself on a list "for future puppies" one of her females may be expecting, and was pleased to hear two of her females were due to have pups in less than a month from my call.  Adding to my excitement, Heidi let me know that one of the females was related to Wolfie and should I buy one of her pups I would have a direct offspring, in this case, a 2nd nephew of my former furry companion.  Coincidence?  I do not think so.  I believe it was a clear message that Wolfie's spirit lives on in me. There I was, now Valentine's Day, anxiously preparing the house for a new puppy that had been born on January 31st, 2010.  The rest, as the saying goes, "was history."  I fittingly named our new pup Spirit as I figured "The Spirit of Wolfie," and the more I got to know this cute little fur ball, the name fit in so many other ways.  Highly intelligent, very personable, active as can be, Spirit began logging many foot miles with us, as we retraced alot of the footsteps his great Uncle trod.  He became a great car dog too, and all along, we were creating our own special "new" memories while still living with a plethora of old ones.  Spirit is special.  Spirit brought my joy back.  I had to leave MT and return to Southern CA after tasting a slice of Heaven, but MT's economy was depressed and thus my need to return.  Being the case, Spirit has his own unique personality, and being so busy during these tougher economic times than the 90's and the onset of this century was, he was such a wonderful addition to our family, we decided after one and a half years, that it was time to get another pup.  As fate would have it, the 2nd pup, who we named Summit because of our passion for mountaineering, entered the world on May 14th, 2011.  By July, he entered our house and once again, brought us instant joy.  "Sum Sum," as he is so endearingly called, has the same dam but different sire as Spirit, so they are half blood brothers, but again, so much alike, it is uncanny.  Perhaps the biggest difference is Summit has long hair.  Our family was now complete.  What a beautiful family it is too. ;-)  Summit became an avid hiker and before both of their 6 month markers, both he and his brother Spirit had logged even more miles than Wolfie had.  Heidi Theis' breeding program is all-inclusive.  Not only have I befriended an awesome GSD Breeder of champion dogs, but the source of incredibly loving, and excellent temperament pets,  Spirit and Summit have received professional Obedience and Agility training via Manual Villanueva and their personal trainer, Joel Perleman, both of whom are known to train police and search and rescue dogs throughout Southern CA.  Joel has told us that Spirit and Summit are two of his "most grounded" and "well-mannered" dogs they have ever had the privilege of working with.  Granted, Spirit and Summit, although they look alike, with the exception of the length of their fur, have very different personalities.  Spirit is the go-getter, the loyal, always at your side, Alpha Male, and Summit, is the happy-go-lucky, nothing ever phases him, devoted brother.  Their common traits is that both are incredibly sweet and funny, but if need be, very protective and awesome guardians. Typical responses when someone sees Spirit, say at a drive-thru Starbucks, for example, they always compliment me and say "Wow, what a gorgeous dog you have there.  He's beautiful!"  Then, little Summit will pop up from the back seat and a typical reaction from the same barrister/barista would be "Are you kidding me?  What an adorable puppy - look at him, he looks like a baby bear!"  Of course, both pups eagerly go to the window and show off their beauty.  LOL.  So cute to see!  They have become the "Starbucks Water Spokes models" of two Starbucks we all frequent during the week and God forbid, we do not have "da boyz" with us, the barista/barristers ask "Where are the puppies, where are your cute dogs? and seem genuinely disappointed when they are not in the car.  LOL. On the horizon, Summit will join us for a road trip to the High Sierras and even more exciting, to Montana where I will show them all the trails Wolfie and I used to hike there.  I think for me personally, seeing my two pups sitting by Wolfie's final earthly resting place will make the three generations of Theishof pups complete.  From that 2nd LONG road trip, we plan to visit Heidi and her family and dogs in Idaho, as they have moved since my first visiting them in beautiful Ojai, CA.  I believe when Spirit and Summit stand next to their Mama and Papa, our journey will come full circle.  I pray both have long adventure-filled lives and if the first two years of Spirit's life upcoming January 31st and Summits first year with us is any indication we are still in for many blessed moments ahead.  Feel free to share in our adventures on my FB page, Heidi Christina Hausmann, if you are in the market for a wonderful German Shepherd.  Heidi Theis and her family are amazing people and their breeding program produces winners both professionally and personally.  To say "thank you" for the joy her dogs have brought to our lives, would not suffice in the least.  I am sure, I can be bold enough to speak for everyone here on these pages of Testimonials, when I say, Theishof Shepherds are not only beautiful and intelligent, they are amongst the most loving and loyal dogs you have ever seen and had the pleasure to share your life with. 

- Heidi Christina Hausmann & "O'Spirit vom Theishof" & "R-Summit vom Theishof" (aka Spirit & Summit)  California









Heidi, just wanted to let you know how pleased I"am with my german shepherd puppy Jake. He is so smart he is almost human. I love taking him out in public because he is so well behaved, even when there are hundreds of people around and all the kid's want to pet him. I was also pleased with how professional you are with the whole process, from meeting clients to picking out the pup that best matches the personality traits of the client. My life has changed completely, my dog is with me when ever possible, and brings a smile to my face on a daily basis. Jake is so loyal and looks forward to seeing me as much as enjoy seeing him. I've wanted a german shepherd since I was 13 years old and 44 years later I still can't believe I ended up with such a beautiful dog. Thanks so much Ron Jorde/And my dog Jake.

Dear Heidi,

OMG, I don’t know where to start!  My family and our lives first transformed on 4/17/15 with "F" Litter vom Theishof.  Sophie completely stole our hearts; it was love at first sight at the airport.  She is so sweet, protective, brilliant and with great dogonality.  Sophie is always very prim and proper.  Sophie fits into our family so perfectly, she has a sense of humor / goofiness like the rest of us.  She is such a beauty, absolutely loyal and I am not biased because everyone told me so when she is out and about with us J    Heidi, thank you for entrusting us with your grand dogs and that you helped us with matching a sibling for Sophie.  Baron joined our family on 12/8/17 and he is another perfect fit for the family.  I fell in love with Baron instantly at the airport.  Baron is so adorable and superbly loving.  Baron’s dogonality differs from Sophie, he is a boy through and through.  He fits into our family quickly and perfectly!  Baron is super bright, obedient and protective; there is also the “easy go lucky” side of him.  He is always happy and ready for playtime.  Baron is so handsome, formidable and everyone loves him!  We frequently get stopped by drivers who want to compliment on our furry children.  Heidi, thank YOU so much for your trust and for enriching our lives!


Alice and Harold



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