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Theishof German Shepherds is a family oriented breeder of German Shepherd Dog puppies in the Boise, Idaho area.  We produce puppies that are social, with sound/outgoing temperaments, extremely high intelligence, and regal beauty.  Our puppies are handled daily from birth and are very well socialized until they depart at 8 weeks to our "extended" Theishof families!  Because we take our commitment to our litters very seriously, our puppies temperaments are a cut above the competition, making them wonderful family dogs, companion animals, SAR dogs, service dogs, show dogs, and especially, quality IPO sport dogs. Our breeder, Heidi Theis, is highly skilled in placing the correct temperaments with the right families, according to what you are looking to do with your new Theishof puppy.  If you are looking for something fun and interesting to do with your new Theishof puppy, please visit the local Schutzhund Club's website: or the national IPO sport website:

Heidi L. Theis



Heidi has provided dependable quality to families since 1987.  She trains and titles the Theishof dogs and is proud to be such a "hands on" breeder with our dogs. She is very proud to be a USCA Gold Sports Medal Recipient and a member of USCA's prestigious "IPO 3" club, with now 5 different dogs!  Pascha, Argos, Briggitta, Jill, and Myckk!

Jeff Theis



Jeff is Heidi's biggest supporter with the dogs.  He is also very  knowledgeable in aiding with training and has a direct impact on the success of the Theishof dogs on attaining their breeding titles.  Jeff's contact with the puppies is minimal, for the sole reason that he gets WAY TOO attached and on the inside, he hates to see them go.

Brandon Theis



Brandon is currently in training by Jeff to help with part of the IPO training on the Theishof Dogs.  Brandon has been invaluable at helping Heidi get our beautiful stand photos of the Theishof dogs and also of the adorable Theishof puppies.  He is also a Platinum Level lover of the puppies! 

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