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To view any of our dogs, on your PC, you can simply hover over the "MALES", "FEMALES", "RETIRED", YOUNG DOGS", or "CLIENT DOGS" tabs at the top and click on any dog to view more information on each dog. If you are viewing our site on your mobile device, simply tap or click on the + sign in front of "MALES", "FEMALES", "RETIRED", YOUNG DOGS", or "CLIENT DOGS" tabs to view the individual dogs. Please make sure to visit each of our dogs' pages, there are a LOT of great photos with a description of each dog that will hopefully help you get the know the Theishof dogs if you are not able to meet them in person! 



A note from Theishof's breeder Heidi about The Theishof dogs...


All of our dogs are very special animals that are deeply loved by our entire family.  We are compassionate about the richness each dog adds to our lives and we all undergo an intense depression and trauma whenever an "old kid" passes out of our lives.  It is our strong love and loyal commitment to our dogs that shines through to anyone who is lucky enough to meet these great dogs.  Please know that the dogs enjoy visitor day just as much as you enjoy meeting them! 


Our dogs are many things!  They are whimsical, lively, attentive, comical, interactive, incredibly intelligent, stunningly gorgeous, and are very biddable working dogs but most importantly, they are also true family dogs.  We understand that you, our clients, are also looking for a true family dog that you can enjoy from day to day and because of this, sweet and stable temperament is the top priority in my breeding program. 




She is the Theishof's "Jester"!

Ennie Head 1.jpg

She is the Theishof's "Kennel Enforcer"!


She is the Theishof's "Boss"!


She is the Theishof's "Sweetheart"!


He is the Theishof's "Mayor"!

HEMI 6.4

She is the Theishof's "Branch Manager"!

Rue Snow 4 mos 1.tif

She is the Theishof's "Wild Ass"!


He is the Theishof's "Bad Ass"!

Kallahan eyes.jpg

He is the Theishof's "Dirty Hairy"!

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