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V-3 2018 Northwest Regional Conformation Show

IPO 3 with 257 pts under SV Peter Arth 90-71-96a

  • 20 pts lost in obedience to similar circumstances as IPO 2, we will get that score up there next time like her IPO 1!!  

  • judge commented that she was a very powerful female dog in protection, V'ing her in protection!!

IPO 2 with 238 pts under very tough American Judge Craig T. Groh! 70-72-86a

  • Judge commented that the obedience score was unfortunately not reflective of the dog's training or capability and 20 points were lost here to very unfortunate circumstances, wonderful of him to recognize her ability in this manner during her critique.

IPO 1 with 267 pts under very tough American Judge Willie J. Pope Jr.!!!  94-90-83a

angekört (19-20), hd/ed normal, Size ZW: 108, HD ZW: 89

DN42528903, DOB April 4, 2015, TT 5FKH3, Chip 985112005302923

color:  sable

Owner:  Heidi L. Theis


Father:  V-Ace vom Haus Tyson IPO 3, KKL, hd/ed normal, DM clear, Size ZW: 107, ZW: 92

Mother:  V-VooDoo vom Theishof IPO 2 (270 pts), OB 1 (90), hd/ed normal, DM clear, Size ZW: 104, ZW:  96



None yet


SV a-stamp - hd/ed normal

OFA "Good" hips -OFA Report # GS-98845G33F-VPI

OFA "Normal" elbows - OFA Report # GS-EL37491F33-VPI

OFA DM CLEAR - OFA Report # GS-DM5833/11F-PI

OFA Pituitary Dwarfism CLEAR - OFA Report # GS-PD6/15F-PI

OFA Cardiac Normal - OFA Report #GS-CA1848/33F/P-VPI

You can verify Hemi's OFA health testing results here:


Coat Length short/long - can produce longhairs


I have always LOVED the sable color and when I decided to breed VooDoo for the first time, I selected a very nicely structured working line sable male to breed her to.  I wanted to own a sable colored daughter from VooDoo but there were absolutely NO showline sable males that fit my high standards for working ability to breed her to, so I decided to outcross VooDoo to a working line sable dog. It was to be my H litter vom Theishof.  Both VooDoo and Ace are high drive dogs on the working field, so I decided to name her after the motor and also decided to include the 6.4 as that is the largest litre size of the motor. I figured she'd be a "high horse power" kind of dog and should be named very appropriately, well, let me tell you how true this name fits her now that she is raised!  Hemi's father Ace, brought everything to the table that I wanted in my VooDoo daughter and VooDoo brought her sweet personality, structure, and color.  Hemi is an incredibly well natured German Shepherd with a family dog type of temperament.  She is calm in normal life situations and very high drive on the training field, exactly what I wanted.  She is very friendly/sweet to everybody she meets, yet, she is ready to stand up and protect her property when we are not home.  She is a beautiful, strong type of shepherd, large and powerful.  She is so substantial in muscle tone that anyone could mistake her for a male dog.