To view any of our upcoming litters, on your PC, you can simply hover over the "Upcoming Litter's tab at the top of this page and then click on each individual litter to take you to that litter's page.  On each litter's page, you will view litter info, parental information, a description of each parent, and several photos.  You can also view more information about each parent by hovering over the "Males", "Females", or "Client Dogs" tabs at the top and then selecting the appropriate dog. If you are viewing our site on your mobile device, simply tap or click on the + sign in front of any of the tabs above.

As Theishof's breeder, I am very proud and happy to say that we were the VERY FIRST Treasure Valley, Idaho GSD breeder to test all breeding dogs for the Degenerative Myelopathy gene when the test first came out and also the VERY FIRST Treasure Valley, Idaho GSD breeder to test for the Pituitary Dwarfism gene.  In true Theishof fashion, we set the bar, yet again!  Theishof is again, the first breeder in our area to certify all Theishof owned breeding dogs under the new & voluntary at this time, transitional vertebrae certification in Germany.  Great news is all of our dogs were certified LUW 0, which means they are completely clear of transitional vertebrae. 


As Theishof's breeder, I am happy to say that I am a very experienced breeder that has provided a dependable quality to our clients over the past 30 years.  My knowledge of this great breed is vast and I am happy I can share my knowledge and experience with so many wonderful people who own my Theishof puppies.  I am always excited to hear from old families that would like to add their second, third, fourth, or fifth Theishof puppy to their life or also from the new families who are either adding a German Shepherd Dog to their life for the first time or researching me as a new breeder because of a bad experience with another breeder.  I am here for our clients and I prefer if we can stay in contact for the life of your Theishof dog through pictures and your adventures with your Theishof puppy! 

IAll Theishof puppies going to new homes are fed Earthborn Unrefined Smoked Turkey.  It is an all life stages food, which will help ensure your Theishof puppy grows slowly, which is much healthier for them.  If I am shipping your Theishof puppy to you, please read more about this food and find information regarding a retailer near you to purchase this food at the Earthborn website:  Smoked Turkey | Earthborn Holistic Pet Food


Hello everyone, 

If you are on 2022 waiting list, Huracaan is due in heat in February.  She will be bred and due in April, pups ready in June.  If she is early or late, this timing may be earlier or later.  Please contact me again if you'd like to remain on the list for a Theishof puppy in 2022.  

I am currently raising puppies and so litters will be very sparse for the next 1-2 years.

I have a friend with older puppies for sale in Alaska, she can ship. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about these puppies.