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SG-1, BH, AD, hd/ed normal, LUW 0, Size ZW: 106, HD ZW: 72

DN45715704, DOB 04.06.2016, MC 981020015867562, TT 6FKK4

color:  black/red

Owner:  Heidi L. Theis


Father:  V-Uric von der Piste Trophe IPO 3, KKL (lbz), ZW: 73, hd/ed normal, DM & PD clear

Mother:  V-Jill vom Theishof SchH 1, FH 1, IPO 3, KKL (lbz), OFA "good hips", OFA "normal" elbows, ZW: 79



None, too young


SV hd/ed normal

OFA hip certification - OFA "good" hips  --  OFA Report # GS-99327G24M-VPI

OFA elbow certification - OFA "normal" elbows  --  OFA Report # GS-EL37949M24-VPI

OFA DM Clear - OFA Report #GS-DM6108/2M-PI

OFA Advanced Cardiac - Normal - OFA Report # GS-ACA45/14M-PI

OFA Pituitary Dwarfism Clear - OFA Report #GD-PD7/3/M-PI


You can verify Kipp's OFA health testing here:



Coat Length short/long - can produce longhairs


Kipp is something else! You have GOT to meet this guy some day if you ever get the chance to visit the Theishof or a show/trial venue when Kipp is with me. I have literally never known such a compassionate male dog in my 30 years of breeding!  Kipp is unique in the most literal sense of that word!  He socializes with my litters of puppies so calmly and gently.  He LOVES visiting them to the point he will go into the whelping box with the tiniest of babies and gingerly walks around them, cleans them as if he tries to mother them. Compassion is severely lacking in our breed and Theishof has got it in Kipp! Kipp will even "have lunch" with his younger friends and will calmly eat out of the same bowl as a litter of my puppies with no signs of food aggression whatsoever. He has never once tried to bite one of the wee ones out of prey which is what all other puppies would do, he is amazingly gentle with them and it is super neat to see. Kipp believes in living a highly social life and he is great with everyone. He loves children, he loves my elderly parents, he loves his IPO club friends, he just plain loves everyone.  BUT!  Kipp, since the age of 4 months, will vehemently defend his territory, this I could not believe when I first saw it either.  He is very confident and if he feels he needs to defend, he will charge anything away like his father Uric.  Not with fearful, crazy high aggression which is a huge problem in the GSD now, just strength and conviction, as a true GSD should do.Threat is over, he is calm again but always watching. Everyone who meets Kipp absolutely loves him because of his JOLLY attitude and character.  I have had countless people ask if he is for sale or how much is he for sale for....  not for sale, ever!  :-)  This jolly attitude is coming in very handy for his IPO obedience training, he is very much like his mother Jill and I will be very excited for when time comes to title him. Kipp can settle easily and then turn completely on for toys or his puppy IPO work and then settle again when the time comes. Kipp loves playing in the little pool on the hot summer days, he is hilarious about it too, he is a true comedian!  I could go on and on about this guy, he is the most special male Theishof breeding has ever produced and I have had some truly excellent ones.  He is the most special male in temperament that I have ever seen.  The future is bright!