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S litter vom Theishof

  • This is the S litter vom Theishof, all puppies in this litter will have registered names that begin with the letter "S".  If you are one of the lucky new owners, please send me your choice of "S" name or one will be selected for your puppy.

  • There is no need to ask for photos, Heidi will automatically post photos of the puppies every 1-2 weeks, once the litter arrives. All you have to do is keep checking this page for new photos of your puppy's litter!  :-) 

  • Litter to be bred May 2023

  • Ready to depart 9/23

  • waiting list open

  • all pups DM clear

  • all puppies longhair free

  • Father:  Digger vom Edelweiss

V, IGP 3, ​angekört lbz, hd-normal ed-normal

V-41 2022 BSZS Nuremberg


Digger is a very stable male, also stunningly gorgeous.  He has produced extremely well in Germany. For Ennie's last litter, I'm very excited Digger is finally in the USA to stay and that his owner has accepted Ennie for breeding to him. This should be an awesome litter with some beautiful dogs that will have exceptional working ability for showline dogs.

  • Mother:  Ennie vom Theishof

V, IPO 1, IGP 2 angekört, hd-normal ed-normal

2019 USCA Sieger Show Performance Award winner, only showline dog to win the award in 2019!

OFA "good" hips  --  OFA Report # GS-99328G39F-VPI

OFA "normal" elbows  --  OFA Report # GS-EL37920F39-VPI

OFA "normal" cardiac  --  OFA Report # GS-CA1874/39/F/P-VPI

OFA DM CLEAR - OFA Report # GS-DM6257/14F-PI

Pituitary Dwarfism clear - by parentage (Uric & Jill are clear)

Coat length clear  -  cannot produce longhairs

This is the incredible Ennie vom Theishof, another awesome Jill daughter!  Ennie is truly an exceptional Jill x Uric daughter. Ennie will be making IPO titles, KKL with me this fall and she will have a litter after that for vom Theishof. Ennie is a beautiful female, large and substantially powerful with a nice strong head with dark mask for a female dog.  Ennie is a normal GSD with old style color, a true black and TAN, with a solid black saddle that is very rare in the showlines! Black and tan is almost gone in the showline dog, as they are now mostly black and red or black and an odd mahogany color. She is an athletic dog with a normal back and normal rear angulation. She is the exact type of GSD that this breeder prefers, an old style type with very natural instincts in training like her famous mother Jill. She is extremely impressive to watch in her IPO training as she has completely natural and genetic working ability. Her drives for working in all phases are biddable/willing,  with high food drive for tracking, high ball drive for ground thundering & enthusiastic obedience, and a genetically natural balance of prey and defense, not trained, purely born this way!  She is a highly unique type of GSD for the showline dog and truly a lovely, very sweetheart of a dog.  Ennie's co-owner Marcie, passed away early in 2018, leaving me heartbroken losing such a special lady from my life. I am so very grateful that she left Ennie in my trusted care and I have vowed to honor Marcie's memory by fulfilling Marcie's wishes for Ennie to make her IPO titles with me.  Ennie and I earned IPO 1 in Fall, 2018 and we did it together, for Marcie.  Marcie's spirit was with us on the field and will be with us on the field when we earn IPO 2 & 3 in Fall, 2019 after Ennie has a first litter here for Theishof.  I have added Marcie's photos of her and Ennie to this page, to always have her beautiful smile with us.

Digger Head

Digger Head

Digger Stand

Digger Stand

Ennie Head Germany

Ennie Head Germany

Ennie Stand Germany

Ennie Stand Germany

Ennie Head 1

Ennie Head 1

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