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SchH 3, BH, AD, WH, G, OFA good hips

D681686, TT HS70001

04.07.1987 - 12.11.1999 (deceased at 12.5 years of age)



Father:  Frack vom Haus Tyson SchH 3, OFA

Mother:  V-Quanda v Wiedenbrucker Land SchH 2, KKL 1a


Pascha was a very strong female, the best we have ever had. I can only dream of owning another excellent female like Pascha again.  She was a small female, very fast, and she loved to work.  She loved me so much that when I married Jeff, well, let's just say that she never really took to Jeff!  She tolerated him, but, hated sharing me with him and it was quite apparent!  Remembering so many years ago, she used to put herself to bed around 9:00pm every night.  She'd get up from the living room and walk toward the hall.  When she'd get to the hallway, she'd turn her head and glance back at us, to which point, we were to tell her "Good Night Pasch" and off she'd go.  When we first brought Brandon home, oh my goodness, she was so concerned about this new baby.  She'd watch him while he'd sleep to make sure he was okay and we'd catch her checking rooms in the wee morning hours, just to make sure everyone was still safe.  Truly a dog that can never be replaced and a spirit that will always remain with us.



SchH 3 (85-96-97), BH, AD, OFA fair hips

07.27.1989 - 08.27.2002(deceased at 13 years of age)



Father:  V-Conrad vom Winnloh SchH 3, KKL1a

Mother:  G-Pascha vom Haus Tyson, SchH 3, BH, AD, WH



Argos was a very strong male, very fast, athletic, and extremely agile. He had a great, happy, outgoing temperament and a unique zest for life.  Jeff bought Argos from me and humm...  well, as Jeff puts it, it was "puppy love"!  Through Argos and his mother Pascha, Jeff and I were brought together forever.  Once Jeff and I were married, I was bound and determined to train Jeff's crazy, unruly dog!  Much to my great surprise, Argos was an excellent working dog, finishing his SchH 3 title with 85-96-97!!!  If I ever had it to do over, I would have competed with Argos Regionally and Nationally, he was that good, only problem, I didn't feel like I was at the time!!  Argos was a dog that we will remember forever for bringing our hearts together and for being unconditionally HAPPY!



SchH 3, KKL 1a (lbz), OFA good hips, OFA normal elbows

Ursus was always rated SG in his SchH titles:

SchH 1:  90-90-91 (271)

SchH 2:  88-92-94 (274)

SchH 3:  92-94-96 (282)

SZ 1964633, TT L-E 0013

05.07.1996 - 06.15.2007  (deceased at 11 years of age)


Father:  V-Hobby vom Gletschertopf SchH 3, KKL1a

Mother:  V-Quinta von der Burg Hausbrunn SchH 1, KKL 1a


2000 USA Sieger Show - SV Quoll - V-7

2001 USA Sieger Show - SV Ruckert - V-5

2002 USA Sieger Show - SV - V-9

OG Tierra Del Oro Show - SV Grottendieck - 11.11.2001 -  V-1

Ursus was shown extensively with multiple high V placings.  I have listed his most noted accomplishments.


Medium sized, very good in standing position, strong head, very good expression and ears, pronounced withers, firm back, steep croup of good length, correct angulations, straight front and sequence coming/going, strong outreaching gait, sure, energetic nature.  TSB pronounced, lets out.  65cm.

Special Attributes & Breeding Advice: Recommended to the improvement of expression, movement, and medium size.



Ursus was an incredible male for me to own for my first stud male and I especially thank my great friend Randy very much for importing him for me.  I remember the day she told me, "Heidi, you need a stud dog and I've got just one for you, his name is Ursus".  Extremely excited, I drove to meet Ursus and knew I wanted him the moment I saw the skinny, young dog standing before me.  I saw the potential in him and then she showed me his protection work, I was even more overly excited and impressed. Ursus was extremely invaluable to my breeding program.  His temperament was outstanding, impeccable, exactly what a German Shepherd Dog should be like and he won many hearts over to the breed.  He was courageous, strong, very loving, and was an incredible worker, to the point of an ovation at the Las Vegas Sieger Show for his strong display in the protection phase.  After walking off the field with him, I was immediately surrounded by people asking me about him and congratulating me for such an outstanding job.  It was an awesome feeling!  In his later years after retirement, he really befriended Jeff and somehow forgot that I ever existed!  He had a love for a good ride in the van with Jeff.  He was a sweet male soul that we were so happy to encounter and will never forget.



SchH 3, KKL 1a (lbz), hd-normal

DL77043808, TT HG8EEF8

12.18.1998 - 06.30.2007 (deceased at 8.5 years of age)



Father:  VA-Xasko von der Roten Matter SchH 3, FH 1, IPO 3, KKL 1a

Mother:  V-Briggitta vom Theishof, SchH 3, IPO 3, KKL 1a


Menlo Park Schutzhund Club - SV Scheld - 07.14.2002 - V-1

Feather River Schutzhund Club - SV Ruckert - 04.28.2002 - V-3

OG Tierra del Oro - SV Grottendieck - 03.24.2002 -  V-2

Fracke was shown extensively as a puppy & young dog and was always either 1st or 2nd place.


Medium size, moderately strong, very good expression, spirited.  Normal withers, good back, the croup is somewhat short and steep.  The upperarm is somewhat short and could be more angulated, very good angulation of the hindquarters.  Correct front, balanced chest proportions, straight gaiting pattern with good front reach, very effective rear drive.  Good firmness of the ligaments in the back.  Sure temperament, instinctive behavior, self-confidence and the ability to cope with stress pronounced; does release.  59 cm.

Breed Survey Special Attributes & Breeding Advice:  Spirited, well structured female with GOOD WORKING DOG CHARACTERISTICS.



Fracke was a daughter from my special female Briggitta and her father was the famous, VA-Xasko von der Roten Matter SchH 3, FH 1, IPO 3, KKL 1a (life).  Fracke was a very high drive female that had very correct, V-1 structure.  Fracke was a very, very sweet animal, that sought affection all of the time.  She loved to play so much that she really reminded me of her mother.  She was totally enamored with me and there was nothing Fracke wouldn't do for me. She was a beautiful dog, a dog that still brings me to tears when I look at her photos for all that she meant to me. Fracke's untimely passing was not only felt by me, Jeff, and Brandon, but also by my family and many members of our extended Theishof family.  We can never thank all of you enough for your continuing support through this anguishing time.  There are simply no words available to express how much she is missed, how much love our family had for this great dog and her spirit, and the gaping hole she has inexplicably left in our hearts.  She will be in our thoughts and memories forever. 



07.17.1993 - 09.24.2007 (deceased at 14 years of age)

DL49339803, TT HS30017

2 x SchH 3, IPO 3, CGC, KKL 1a (lbz)

OFA good hips, OFA elbows



Father:  V-Lardo vom Steigerhof SchH 3, KKL1a

Mother:  G-Pascha vom Haus Tyson SchH 3, BH, AD, WH


Channel Islands Schutzhund Club -  SV Oster - 07.27.1996 -  V-4


Medium size, moderately strong, typey, dry and firm.  Good top line, good position of croup, but could be somewhat longer.  Very good front and rear angulation.  Balanced chest proportions, correct front.  Moves straight in front and rear, shows a very good and ground covering gait.  Sure temperament, hardness, courage and fighting drive pronounced.  Does release.  58 cm.

Breed Survey Special Attributes & Breeding Advice:  Very typey bitch, full of expression with good overall firmness.

Breeding Recommendations Advice/Warnings:  Suitable to improve type and expression.  The length of the croup must be considered.



Briggitta is the only daughter that I was able to keep from my original female, Pascha.  I had many dreams for Briggitta as a puppy, I wanted to make her SchH 3, IPO 3 titled and I did!  I also hoped she would become a "V" rated, KKL 1 female and she did!  I also wanted to enter Briggitta in a Regional Trial because she enjoyed working so much and I did....   twice!  She was a very special female in that she was Owner Bred, Trained, and Titled to the highest attainable level and holds the highest Breed Survey Class with a "V" show rating.Briggitta was an incredibly special dog for our family that held a very large part of all of our hearts.  She and Brandon shared the same birthday and they seemed to have a very unique bond because of that.  She was a very fun dog to own, extremely intelligent, and very healthy.  Everyone who met Briggitta fell in love with her sweet personality and boy would she drive us all nuts if she got a hold of a ball!!!  Our family was utterly heartbroken when she had to leave us.  She left us with a 14 year long memory of her journey with us that we are forever grateful for.  We miss seeing her old, gray, sleeping face and will simply never forget her.



04.10.1998 - 12.25.2010 (deceased at 12.5 years)

DL73625608, TT MS8EED8

SchH 1, KKL 1 (lbz), OFA good hips, OFA normal elbows



Father:  V-Hero von der Roten Matter SchH 3, KKL 1a

Mother:  V-Briggitta vom Theishof SchH 3, IPO 3, KKL 1a


Anacapa Working Dog Association - SV Grottendieck - 11.17.2002 - V-6


Medium size, moderately strong, flat withers, the back is raised significantly, the croup is short, the upper arm steep, good angulation of the hindquarters, straight front, the pasterns should be firmer.  The forechest has to become broader, straight moving, the gait should be less constricted and should have more reach.  Instinctive behavior, self-confidence and the ability to cope with stress pronounced; dog releases. 59 cm.         



Dreisa was one of the best dogs we have ever shared our lives with in the Theis house.  She was born in my hands and died in my arms on Christmas Day, 2010, with Jeff and Brandon with her too.  Why Christmas? I told Jeff, leave it to Dreisa to make it an easy day for us to remember her on for years to come.  Our family misses her so very much, that this seems to be all I can write upon her death.  For those of you who knew her, you'll understand why her beautiful, old, gray face brings silence to me now.



CMKU 71705, DOB 11.06.2008, TT 04565 (deceased at 4 years of age)

ZVV 1, BH, CZ Breed Survey, hd: normal, ed: fast normal, ZW: 79



Father:  World Sieger VA-1 Zamp vom Thermodos SchH 3, KKL 1a

Mother:  V-Marit Redox SchH 1, KKL 1a


high, distinctive (strong), powerful, temperament, strong head, strong withers, good length, very good angulation (front and in the back) straight in front, TSB pronounced, dog outs.



Tragically, we lost Zenzie to intestinal torsion in mid-November only 7 short weeks after she arrived to us.  Heidi rushed her to the vet where he performed emergency exploratory surgery, only to discover we could not save her life. It is hard to understand why such a young, vibrant female was taken so early.  We were very sad to not have Zenzie here with us for long as she was a very sweet female and she was enjoying working with Heidi for her next titles. We were happy to have known her for even the short amount of time she spent with us and we believe she too was happy with her short time here with us for we provided her with a fun and loving life.



02.11.2000 - 01.29.2014  (deceased at 2 weeks shy of 14 years of age)

DL82103105, TT HG0EEH5

SchH 2, KKL 1a (lbz), OFA good hips, OFA normal elbows, ZW: 80



Father:  V-Ursus von der Burg Hausbrunn SchH 3, KKL1a

Mother:  V-Briggitta vom Theishof SchH 3, IPO 3, KKL 1a


Treasure Valley Working Dog Association - PNW Regional Conformation Show - USA Carbajal - 06.25.2008 - V-3

Menlo Park Schutzhund Club - SV Bauer - 07.13.2003 - V-1


Large, Moderately strong, substantial, very good pigmentation, good head, normal withers, firm back, good position and length of croup, very good angulation of the fore and hindquarters, straight front and gaiting pattern, reaching gait with good general firmness.  Instinctive behavior, self-confidence, and the ability to cope with stress pronounced; does release.  60cm.



Heike was my last Briggitta daughter and our family was extremely lucky to have her for so long, she was just 2 weeks shy of her 14th birthday when she passed. In her younger years, Heike was a gorgeous, V-1 in show female who I titled to SchH 2.  She was also an excellent mother to every single one of her puppies and her mark was left in a HUGE way to all that own her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren through her, our special Heike daughter, Undriena and Undriena's daughter, Sasha. Heike was so incredibly sweet, she loved kids, and yet she was also very protective, even through to her final days.  Heike loved all toys - her favorite being the "jolly ball" and she loved rolling on her back on top of a toy or simply rolling on her back with a toy in her mouth, every morning and sometimes in the evenings.  She enjoyed sneaking cookies one too many times, earning the name "Cookie Monster", and she especially loved trying to kill electronics, her favorites were the vacuum and the printer.  Some mornings she would sleep in and then come say hi to me and Jeff as we watched the morning news with our coffee, I can't believe I miss her atrocious old dog breath, but, I very sadly I do.  Heike has no idea what a big piece of my heart she took with her the day she had to leave our family but she earned it and it is hers to keep. I miss her immensely  and will never forget her sweet character, I will never forget her.  The void she has left behind is simply indescribable.                



04.07.2003-11.04.2015 (deceased at 12.5 years of age)

DN03003301, TT HG3EEO1

SchH 3, CGC, KKL 1 a (lbz), ZW:86

OFA good hips GS-71403G24M-NOPI, OFA normal elbows GS-EL17572M24-NOPI


Father:  V-Ursus von der Burg Hausbrunn SchH 3, KKL1a

Mother:  V-Fracke vom Theishof SchH 3, KKL 1a (lbz)


2007 PNW Regional Vize-Sieger - USA Grewe - 10.27.2007 - V-2


ObiWan's show career was very extensive and therefore, I list only his best accomplishment as PNW Regional Vize-Sieger in 2007.  He is a total of 11 times V rated, including other high placings at Regional Shows (V-3 positions) and also 4 times V rated at our USCA Sieger Shows, always with stellar protection performance. 


Good medium size, medium strong, dry and firm, good pigment, good topline, croup is slightly steep, correct front, good angulations of the fore and hindquarters with powerful actions.  Pronounced, lets out.  64 cm.

Breed Survey Special Attributes & Breeding Advice Correct size, good pigment.



ObiWan has made an incredible mark here at my breeding program.  I am incredibly lucky to have him and I love him dearly.   ObiWan, known as dog #44 in the 2008 USA Sieger Show in San Jose, CA, was  touted as one of the top males in the performance phase.  Many compliments were made to me about his performance from all 5 presiding judges and several spectators, INCLUDING working dog enthusiasts!!!  One of the judges specifically told me that out of all of the male dogs, my performance with ObiWan was the best, bar none.  Another judge told me that he put stars by only 2 dogs names, one of them ObiWan and the other was a working line, sable dog!  What a compliment to my breeding!!  Obi-Wan is a son of my first stud male Ursus and my beloved female Fracke.  Obi-Wan is a talented male in working with full, calm grip, excellent no slowing speed through the helper, and natural/balanced instincts and drives which earned him 92 points with pronounced on his SchH 3 title!  He is an absolute medium sized male, correct in structure, with an impeccably sound and outgoing temperament.  His favorite thing in the world is our son Brandon and he is a dog that is always happy to go anywhere.  See our beautiful kids from him, Jill vom Theishof & Myckk vom Theishof.                 




2015 USCA PNW Regional Vice Sieger

V, IPO 3, TR 2, KKL (16-17), hd-normal, ed-normal, Size ZW: 109, HD ZW: 84

DN26959801, SZ 8018547, TT 0FKM1

color:  black/tan 

Owner:  Jeff Theis



Father:  V-ObiWan vom Theishof SchH 3, KKL1a

Mother:  V-Queen Redox SchH 1, KKL 1a





Large, strong, substantial, good condition, strong head, straight back, good position of croup but could be somewhat longer. Correct angulation of the front and rear, straight in front, good chest proportions, straight in rear, ground covering & strong gait. TSB pronounced.  66.5cm



DM CLEAR - OFA Report # GS-DM691/11M-PI

Pituitary Dwarfism CLEAR - OFA Report # GS-PD3/78M-PI

Coat Length short/long - can produce longhairs



Myckk was a very sweet, large and substantial male, that has the unique confidence of his father.  Nothing ever phased him, his temperament was very solid.  He was very powerful looking in person, extremely impressive.  He was a classic, old style German Shepherd in that he was a one person dog and neutral to everyone else. I was the only person that mattered in his life and this is the typical, classic old style shepherd. Myckk had an extensive show career when he was young and after his titles, he made V-2, Regional Vice Sieger, at the 2015 PNW Regional Show with SV Rainer Mast. He has the highest German hip and elbow certifications of a-normal and he has the best OFA genetic testing for Degenerative Myelopathy & Pituitary Dwarfism of normal/normal. He is dearly missed by all of us here at the Theishof.