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V Litter vom Theishof

  • This is the V litter vom Theishof, all puppies in this litter will have registered names that begin with the letter "V".  If you are one of the lucky new owners, please send me your choice of "V" name or one will be selected for your puppy.

  • There is no need to ask for photos, Heidi will automatically post photos of the puppies every 1-2 weeks, once the litter arrives. All you have to do is keep checking this page for new photos of your puppy's litter!  :-) 

  • Litter due 4/25/24

  • Ready to depart 6/20/24

  • waiting list open

  • all pups DM clear

  • all puppies longhair free

  • there will be some beautiful sables and some dark black/browns born in this litter

  • Father:  Seiko vom Kretzschauer Land

SG in show, IGP 2 (98-97-99, 294 V total), IGP 1 (97-96-98, 291 V total), angekört 2024-2025, hd/ed normal, DM CLEAR


Seiko is a fantastic male!  Dark bi-color male, powerfully built male with V overall scores in IGP 1 & 2.  Seiko has a very balanced temperament, I was extremely impressed what a great natured GSD he is when I met him.  His ower says he is very calm and trustworthy in daily life and is very high drive on the working field, then back to calm in the car after training or at home in the house. Seiko is the best of both worlds, great family dog AND great up and coming competition dog!

  • Mother:  Hemi 6.4 vom Theishof

V-3 2018 USCA NW Regional

IPO 3 with 96 pts protection, IGP 3, IGP-FH 82/91, FH 2 with 86 pts, 3x FH 1 with 92 pts highest score, FH-V with 92 pts, angekört, hd-normal ed-normal, ZW: 88

IGP 3OFA "Good" hips - OFA Report # GS-98845G33F-VPI

OFA "Normal" elbows - OFA Report # GS-EL37491F33-VPI

OFA DM CLEAR - OFA Report # GS-DM5833/11F-PI

OFA Pituitary Dwarfism CLEAR - OFA Report # GS-PD6/15F-PI

OFA Cardiac Normal - OFA Report #GS-CA1848/33F/P-VPI

Coat Length short/long - can produce longhairs


Hemi is a powerfully built, large and beautiful female.  She is a sable colored GSD with excellent contrasting sable coloration. Hemi is a very talented working dog with extremely high ball and hunt drives.   She has excellent gripping ability in protection and she is a very confident female.  She was awarded the coveted "V" rating of 96 points in protection in her IPO 3 title with the first words from the judge being "this is a very powerful female". She made 91 points under tough American Judge Willie J, Pope Jr. under some gruelingly difficult terrain during the Idaho summer weather mid-July. She made this advanced tracking title under such conditions look easy!  Judge Pope commented on her ability that she was a real tracking dog that had special ability.  I am so excited about this litter that I will be raising a daughter for Theishof's future.

Seiko stand

Seiko stand



Hemi Stand

Hemi Stand

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