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JILL VOM THEISHOF - retired and enjoying life


V-12 2015 USCA Sieger Show with 4/5 performance test - SV Margit van Dorssen

V-10 2014 USCA Sieger Show with 4/5 performance test - USCA MacIntyre

2012 USCA NW Regional Siegerin - SV Wilfried Scheld

2011 USCA PNW Regional Vice Siegerin - USA Johannes Grewe

2010 Canadian Sieger Show 18-24 Vice-Siegerin - SV Wilfried Scheld

IPO 3 with 259 pts (86-80-93p)

IPO 2 with 284 pts (97-93-94p)

SchH 1 with 270 pts (97-93-80p)

FH 1, KKL (lbz), BH, AD, ZW: 78

hd OFA good GS-87280G45F-PI , ed OFA normal GS-EL27827F45-PI, LUW 0, Size ZW: 106, HD ZW: 78

DN23519106, SZ 8018496, DOB 01.19.2009, TT (FKJ6

color:  black/tan 

Owner:  Heidi L. Theis



Father:  V-ObiWan vom Theishof SchH 3, KKL1a

Mother:  V-Queen Redox SchH 1, KKL 1a





Large, medium-strong, full of substance, good head, defined withers, straight back, slightly sloping croup, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Good angulation in the front, very good angulation in the rear, gaiting should still have more power, good distance in movement, stable temperament, TSB pronounced. 60cm.

Special attributes: a substantial female.



DM carrier - OFA Report # GS-DM296/8F-PI-CAR (was always & only bred to DM clear males)

Pituitary Dwarfism clear - OFA Report # GS-PD2/49F-PI

Coat Length short/long - can produce longhairs


Jill was a "dominant good hip producer" and it is very rare in the German show bloodlines to find such a dog and she was bred by Heidi!!!  Out of her 28 progeny total, 17 have been x-rayed with good hips & elbows and this is quite an accomplishment as most breeders only have 1 or 2 progeny from their females x-rayed, the ones they raise!!  I have been begging the last 5 owners of the V litter and 2 owners of the Y litter to x-ray, a couple are willing but have not yet done so and the 3 other K litter owners are x-raying soon, I just x-rayed Kipp and they were super . Out of her 28 progeny, the following several dogs are working in IPO and their accomplishments are listed below, this list will be continually updated as the dog's earn titles in the future.  The highlighted dogs are in vom Theishof's breeding program!

V-1 VooDoo vom Theishof IPO 2 (with 270), OB 1, KKL 16-17, hd/ed normal

SG-1 Vader vom Theishof IPO 2, BH, AD, hd/ed normal

V-3 Yuma vom Theishof IPO 1, BH, AD, hd/ed normal

SG-1 Aroninsan vom Theishof BH, AD, hd/ed normal

SG-2 Axxie vom Theishof IPO 2, Ang. 18-19 hd/ed normal

SG-1 Aspen vom Theishof IPO 1 (with 270), KKL 17-18, hd/ed normal

SG-1 Dezzie Beast Mode vom Theishof BH, AD, hd/ed normal

SG-3 Delmira Kira vom Theishof BH, AD, hd/ed normal

SG-1 Erie vom Theishof BH, AD, hd/ed normal

Ennie vom Theishof BH, AD, hd/ed normal

SG-1 Kipp vom Theishof - AD, hd/ed normal



"Jill the Pill"!  My most favorite dog and best producing female in 30 years of breeding, I cannot say enough great things about this dog! I am very fortunate to own 2 daughters and 1 son for future breeding, in addition to several client owned daughters!  Literally everyone who meets Jill loves her and wants to take her home with them.  There is something special and unique about her personality and gaze that seems to attract everyone, especially me.  She is now retired from breeding and she is my genuine sidekick, my companion dog now that does everything with me. Because of her sometimes bratty nature as a puppy, she has earned the nickname of "Jill the Pill" and some days she was called Pill more often than Jill!  And now in her retirement years, she is more Chill than Pill, so now my family affectionately calls her "Chill Jill" and her constant nickname is "Jilly".  Jill was always complete natural worker like her father, except she loves to track, whereas ObiWan always gave me the paw in this phase! Jill's obedience was always willing, strong, pleasing, and extremely happy.  She and I were an excellent obedience pair that clicked through our strong, loving bond.  Jill's strength in protection is awesome and similar to her father ObiWan, only with a "bitch-like" flare!  Just before breeding retirement in Fall, 2015, Jill made FH 1 with me and this was my last requirement to enter the USCA's Judges Programs and I will always be thankful, for all that she means to me, that she helped me earn my Judging Licenses.