L litter vom Theishof

  • This is the L litter vom Theishof, all puppies in this litter will have registered names that begin with the letter "L".  If you are one of the lucky new owners, please send me your choice of "L" name or one will be selected for your puppy.

  • There is no need to ask for photos, Heidi will automatically post photos of the puppies every 1-2 weeks, once the litter arrives. All you have to do is keep checking this page for new photos of your puppy's litter!  :-) 

  • Chance is due October 1, 2020

  • Puppies ready to go November 27, 2020

  • waiting list closed until birth

  • no at risk for DM

  • Father:  Kipp vom Theishof

SG-1, IGP 1, hd-normal, ed-normal, ZW: 77


SV hd/ed normal

OFA hip certification - OFA "good" hips  --  OFA Report # GS-99327G24M-VPI

OFA elbow certification - OFA "normal" elbows  --  OFA Report # GS-EL37949M24-VPI

OFA DM Clear - OFA Report #GS-DM6108/2M-PI

OFA Advanced Cardiac - Normal - OFA Report # GS-ACA45/14M-PI

OFA Pituitary Dwarfism Clear - OFA Report #GD-PD7/3/M-PI


You can verify Kipp's OFA health testing here:



Coat Length short/long - can produce longhairs


Kipp believes in living a highly social life and he is great with everyone. He loves children, he loves my elderly mother, he loves his IGP club friends, he just plain loves everyone.  BUT!  Kipp, since the age of 4 months, will vehemently defend his territory, this I could not believe when I first saw it.  He is very confident and if he feels he needs to defend, he will charge anything away like his father Uric.  Not with fearful, crazy high aggression which is a huge problem in the GSD now, just strength and conviction, as a true GSD should do. Once the threat is over, he is calm again but always watching. Everyone who meets Kipp absolutely loves him because of his JOLLY attitude and character.  I have had countless people ask if he is for sale or how much is he for sale for....  not for sale, ever!  :-)  This jolly attitude is coming in very handy for his IGP obedience training. Kipp can settle easily and then turn completely on for toys or IGP work and then settle again when the time comes. Kipp loves playing in the little pool on the hot summer days, he is hilarious about it too, he is a true comedian!  I could go on and on about this guy, he is the most special male Theishof breeding has ever produced and I have had some truly excellent ones. Most special for me is that he is very much like his mother Jill and I suspect he will take her place when the horrible day comes that she has to leave me.

  • Mother:  Chance Geodis

V, IGP 1, ZVV 1, hd 0/0, ed 0/0, angekört


Chance Head

Chance Head

Chance Stand

Chance Stand

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