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S litter vom Theishof

  • This is the S litter vom Theishof, all puppies in this litter will have registered names that begin with the letter "S".  If you are one of the lucky new owners, please send me your choice of "S" name or one will be selected for your puppy.

  • There is no need to ask for photos, Heidi will automatically post photos of the puppies every 1-2 weeks, once the litter arrives. All you have to do is keep checking this page for new photos of your puppy's litter!  :-) 

  • Litter due 6/2/23

  • Ready to depart 7/28/23

  • waiting list open

  • no puppies at risk for DM

  • all puppies longhair free

  • Father:  Otis von der Schnuckenweide

    • V, ​IGP 3, FH 1, Ang., hd-nearly normal, ed-normal  

    • DM clear

Otis is a wonderful male, excellent and trustworthy temperament.  He has a strikingly beautiful dark mask and beautiful color and markings.

  • Mother:  Halla TEAM Gigelsfelsen

    • V, IGP 1, angekört lbz, hd-fast normal ed-normal

    • DM pending

Halla is a very stable and sweet female.  A long time friend in Germany offered her for sale to me and I am super excited to offer her temperament to my Theishof owners!

Otis Head

Otis Head

Halla Stand

Halla Stand

Halla Head

Halla Head

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