Older puppies for sale

  • We need 3 compassionate homes, homes like Brandon Theis offered to our incredible Jozie over 12 years ago!  He looked past her imperfections and chose to love her anyway, we all did!  She has been a truly incredible companion to all of us for 12 years and we are looking for this type of commitment to these puppies.

  • We don't see putting these babies down because of an imperfection and seeking people who can also oversee an imperfection like our Brandon did.  We are looking for people with big hearts that only have love to offer these wonderful babies! 

  • We have 3 special needs puppies offered at very discounted prices, 2 females and 1 male.

  • 11 weeks old

  • All 3 puppies have the same AWESOME and unique Theishof temperament, they are all extremely sweet and loving and will make awesome companions. 

  • For further details please contact Heidi, SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY please